Best Alcatel 3L (2020) Review

Best Alcatel 3L (2020) Review: The Perfect Entry Smartphone smartphone

This is because the telephone is just around 30 Dollars more costly compared to Alcatel 1S, which at first glance looks indistinguishable, but includes added RAM, a much better camera and a stronger processor.

In the next review, we’ll figure out whether the Alcatel 3L 2020 could trick it into our favor after taking under account the shortcomings of this Alcatel 1S with advancements introduced at the Alcatel 3L.

Alcatel 3L: Who’s your phone for?

The Alcatel 3L 2020 spec sheet asserts that a fantastic mixture of what an entry smartphone in 2020 is assumed to include.  Alcatel chose to take another course in contrast to other smartphone makers, who are inclined to concentrate on selected attributes in sub-200-Euro cost range.

For example, Motorola is placing certain precedence using its G-series by releasing a ton of unique versions.  The Moto G Power touts a huge capacity battery, although the Moto G Plus version provides a much better camera.

Through all of it, Alcatel must make a few concessions.  The rear of the telephone consists of bit of plastic, whereas a somewhat dim LCD panel is used as the screen.

Maybe for sensible reasons, the French smartphone maker needs to have stumbled upon a better middle ground of inexpensive parts that provide a higher amount of performance compared to more economical Alcatel 1S, that wasn’t really persuasive in our inspection.

We enjoy the Alcatel 3L 2020 because of the…


When comparing the specifications sheet of the smartphones, it was evident that the 3L provides a more powerful chip and one gigabyte longer RAM than its small brother.

The 6.22-inch LCD display includes a completely adequate resolution of 720 x 1,520 pixels, allowing menus, sites, and programs to run noticeably simpler when compared with Alcatel 1S 2020.

PUGB Mobile ran smoothly after some initial difficulties I managed to receive one of those notorious”Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” from the very first test match.  With this kind of performance levels, we’re finally able to enjoy the benefits of Alcatel’s Android-powered apparatus without needing to break your bank.

Running system

Alcatel also adds to some practical features on this gadget.  By way of instance, from the program review, you’ll get a search function that searches the world wide web in addition to the device’s storage to the desirable terms.

Pre-installed programs include a secure manner for kids and other helpful programs like an export function to transport data from the previous smartphone to the one.  There are a few bloatware programs that include the Alcatel 3L, but you will have the ability to uninstall them in seconds.

When the 6.22-inch display of this 3L is too large for you, it is possible to trigger a one-hand mode through the telephone configurations.  From that point, if you swipe navigation bar in the bottom of the display to the left, then the telephone will show a scaled-down variant of the display.

This is a quality that follows in the footsteps of Apple apparatus, and it’s wonderful to see how nicely Alcatel has executed it on the Android platform.

It’s also praiseworthy that Alcatel is just about one month behind as it pertains to Android 10 security upgrades.

If you become lost with this handset as a result of its adequate functionality, a 4,000 mAh battery is capable of providing adequate battery life through the day.

Along with the good power control of Android 10 along with the typical monitor resolution, the telephone lasts the entire day readily, even if you always surf the internet or indulge in cellular games.  The battery will require a while to deplete.

This inexpensive smartphone doesn’t offer you a quick-charging function, and it is no huge surprise to get a device in its budget.  The added power adapter delivers juice into the handset through microUSB using 10-watts of electricity and recharges almost 7% of the battery in 10 minutes.

This is not too shabby in any respect!  Do be aware that you don’t have the relaxation of charging the Alcatel 3L wirelessly through Qi with no charger.

Triple camera using 48 megapixels

The next lens functions as a thickness sensor when shooting portraits and empowers macro shots, which may be utilized to take detailed images of flowers or especially tiny objects.

But, Alcatel has set up a 48 megapixel camera at the 3L.  Lo and behold, this caused a substantial increase in picture sharpness around the 1S, and in dim surroundings the principal camera delivers great outcomes.

Here, issues only happen when you change from the major camera into a few of those other cameras.  Since the specification sheet reveals, Alcatel didn’t bother to add anything greater:

The attributes of this ultra-wide and camera are barely usable for great outcomes.  Though the resolution of this ultra-wide-angle camera 5 megapixels is just nice, a very strong blue cast becomes evident when creating the switch.

With just two megapixels, the macro lens is relegated to only an afterthought, like the 1S.  We’re positively surprised by front camera however, which can be very acceptable for selfies such as snapping portraits.

Audio quality

We must provide the 3L 2020 a obvious point deduction concerning sound quality.  The inner loudspeakers offer barely any electricity and have a tendency to crack when the sound is cranked up marginally to the center.

Listening to songs is extremely difficult, and even listening to podcasts so as to fall asleep doesn’t seem good on account of the absence of bass.  Should you maintain the Alcatel 3L 2020 horizontally, you’ll probably pay for the speaker.  On the right of this microUSB connector in the base, a mono speaker provides quite focused sound.

You ought to become accustomed to using cans with this particular device, except the included headset includes horrible sound quality.  A set of Bluetooth speakers may assist your cause.


Should you have to obtain a new cell phone and wish to save a little cash by purchasing the Alcatel 3L 2020, then you ought to consider the durability of a smartphone.

This is only because the bad performance of the Alcatel 1S 2020 is a sign that the hardware of this 3L is simply sufficient for ordinary usage.

If you install extra programs on the device, save lots of photographs, and operate programs like WhatsApp from the backdrop, the Alcatel 3L 2020 might not have enough processing muscle to keep you awake in regular life for quite a very long moment.

The camera does provide all the various functions a smartphone should include, but delivers quite mediocre outcomes.  If you’re a shutterbug, then we’d suggest an upgrade to your smartphone using greater picture quality.

Closing Verdict

With the 3L 2020, Alcatel has assembled an attractive general smartphone bundle for you and, even compared to the more affordable Alcatel 1S 2020, there are developments in the ideal places.

In the end, the operation is sufficient to make the most of their Android 10 operating system and play pick popular mobile games.  Additionally, the major lens of this camera provides better outcomes and sets another two lenses entirely in the shade.

The Alcatel 3L 2020 is suggested for everyone that are searching for a reasonable bundle or need to provide their kids a trustworthy all-rounder for college.  Inexperienced smartphone users particularly will be enthused about the numerous possibilities of the handset.

Nevertheless, they will arrive in the constraints of this cheap Alcatel 3L 2020 then search for a better camera, a faster processor, and speakers that are usable.  You may determine which smartphones are advised in our listing of smartphones you can purchase for under $200.

In the event that you already know exactly what you would like out of a smartphone, it is possible to have a peek at the differenciated Moto G8 collection from Motorola.

Xiaomi, a powerful competitor at the budget smartphone section has also been present around the planet for quite a while now.  Here you should Take a Look at the Xiaomi Redmi Notice 8T and Xiaomi Mi A3.


  • Beautiful layout and solid workmanship
  • Display provides good color reproduction
  • Smooth functionality with a few gambling possible
  • Enormous 4,000 mAh battery capability


  • Battery life Isn’t stellar
  • Supplied headset Isn’t worth using

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