Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED Android TV Best Review

 Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED Android TV Best Review

Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED Android TV Best Review: It is possible to buy a fantastic 55-inch 4K LED TV like the Mi TV 4X 55 for below Rs. 40,000 now, so the concept of a tv with comparable specifications and attributes costing Rs. 1,29,900 may be somewhat too much for a lot of stomach.  

You may even find adequate QLED televisions from brands like OnePlus and TCL for half as much, so just what is there into the Sony 55X9000H that warrants its rather large price?

There is obviously more to the Sony 55X9000H compared to its name.  Key attributes include full-array neighborhood dimming, service for HDR up into the Dolby Vision format, and Dolby Atmos, to mention a couple.

Does all this come together to create the Sony 55X9000H a worthwhile purchase for anyone searching for a brand new premium TV?

Though it may be okay for funding big-screen 4K LED TVs to seem easy and to-the-point, more is expected of a superior version like the Sony 55X9000H.  Really, this television produces.

It seems and feels especially good in comparison to the majority of 55-inch 4K TVs, as a result of a slender aluminum framework and a general thickness which does not possess the tv extend off the walls.

The silver borders look good with no distracting, making this possibly the very sophisticated-looking 55-inch television I have used in some time.

The Sony 55X9000H includes the conventional two bottom-firing full-range speakers, using a entire output of 20W.

The highest refresh rate is 120Hz in full-HD resolution and 60Hz in Ultra-HD.  All this is powered by Sony’s X1 4K HDR movie chip, which, although less competent as the X1 Ultimate at the Sony A9G OLED TV, is sufficient for the LED display on the Sony X9000H.

The TV includes dining table stands within the box, and this can be equally well designed and constructed since the TV itself.  But unlike a lot of high-end Sony TVs, these racks are attached near the corners and also are broad also, which means you’re going to require a massive table to put the Sony 55X9000H on.

You are able to elect for wall-mounting in the time of installation at no cost, together with the tech supplying the right wall-mount gear.

This TV uses regular VESA hole pitch dimensions, which means you are going to have the ability to utilize any wall mount kit.  Even if wall mounted, the vents to the left of this display are rather simple to get.

 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth exist, clearly, using HDMI ARC and CEC also affirmed.

While most manufacturers are moving with much more daring and minimalist remotes, Sony firmly adheres into some traditional-looking and button-filled one.  Even the Sony 55X9000H’s remote looks and feels great, with plenty of buttons such as a number pad that’s admittedly quite rare nowadays.

You will find dedicated controls for both playback and Android TV navigation, and a mic and button to get Google Assistant, correct volume and mute keys, and hotkeys for both Netflix and Google Play, amongst others.

The distant attributes both IR and Bluetooth, and operates on two AAA batteries that are contained in the sales package.  All of the buttons are nicely laid out and easy to differentiate, which makes it quite simple to apply this distant even in the dark.

Google Assistant performance was helpful, as I really could control other appliances that are connected and gadgets too, like smart lighting and cleaning robots.  Standard Google Assistant features such as fetching articles and answering questions work fine also.

 There is also support for Netflix Calibrated style, which automatically adjusts the TV’s image settings to recommended amounts when viewing specific titles on Netflix, depending on the content creator’s input signal.

The business also has worked on criteria certifications and appropriate integrations with streaming services like Netflix.  Consequently, the Android TV encounter on the Sony 55X9000H is as fantastic as ever.

 There is the Google Play Store to obtain different programs and games. Android TV is one of the greater intelligent TV platforms available now, and Sony’s specific styling and alterations attribute value to the total experience.

It is possible to get most sound and picture configurations from anywhere within the port such as while viewing content.  It is possible to change modes fast and adapt detailed settings too.  The tv can be fast to wake up when powered from standby, also functioned well with no lag or software problems during my time with it.

LED backlighting on televisions is now generally regarded as a budget-friendly choice, and many economical large-screen 4K TVs proceed with this form of screen.

Buyers with greater budgets may tend to go for QLED or OLED TVs, therefore the Sony 55X9000H is currently at a disadvantage as a result of its Rs. 1,29,900 cost tag.

Nevertheless, LED TVs have any advantages over other screen types, and also the 55X9000H places these variables to great use, which makes it among the finest LED TVs you can buy now.

The tv has a VA panel and higher peak brightness using SDR and HDR content, together with full-array micro-dimming.

These variables work together well to provide performance that’s mostly on par with what a fantastic QLED tv like the OnePlus TV Q1 Guru or TCL 55C715 may provide.

As we have seen on top Sony TVs earlier, the 55X9000H also supplies a mostly uniform seeing experience across resolutions, as a result of great upscaling and image tuning.

Local dimming makes a difference in generating great black levels, also in this respect the Sony 55X9000H’s functionality is one of the finest I have seen in the LED TV.

Seeing Our Planet Earth and Chef’s Table: BBQ on Netflix using Dolby Vision, this TV made a lively, comprehensive, and gratifying picture that has been clearly and much better than what I have seen on many other LED TVs.

Pictures of this meals on the grille at Chef’s Table seemed beautiful and lifelike, with all the TV doing a wonderful job of creating the colors realistic and lively, without seeming overly punchy.

Together with the capabilities of Dolby Vision, neighborhood dimming on the tv created for nearly OLED-like deep blacks, along with the large contrast ratio also helped with obtaining colors right through the scope.

Though Dolby Vision is generally visibly superior than HDR10, the Sony 55X9000H did a decent job of enjoying HDR10 content nearly to the identical degree as great Dolby Vision content.

All this was especially useful whilst viewing The Boys Season two, together with all the Sony 55X9000H obtaining the shadowy scenes right nearly every time.  The film was sharp, providing remarkable insight into Karl Urban’s devious sayings since the anti-hero Billy Butcher.

Where the Sony 55X9000H dropped somewhat short through resolutions was in its being able to manage movement.

Switching off all movement enhancement features made to get a jittery screening experience, but retaining them smoothened things just to a little extent.

As was observable in several action scenes from The Boys in addition to the climactic battle scenes from Jojo Rabbit on Disney+Hotstar, artefacts were frequently visible in arenas with rapid movement, which was very distracting.

This occurred across resolutions, but has been especially noticeable with 4K content together with the otherwise sharp image.

Most economical 4K TVs have a tendency to falter somewhat in regards to upscaling lower-resolution material, especially 720p and standard definition video.  It is here that the Sony 55X9000H reveals its value, with great functionality across resolutions.

While there is definitely a lot of information and definition dropped in the process of upscaling, the Sony does a fantastic job of minimising this and creating all lower-resolution content seem like it could, even considering that the massive display.

 Lower-resolution content, for example children’s movies on YouTube and Netflix, appeared decent also, together with all the Sony 55X9000H getting colors, textures, and brightness directly in many instances.

The Sony 55X9000H includes a fantastic display, but does not quite match up to additional superior TVs in regards to audio.

With two easy 10W full-range speakers shooting downwards under the display, audio is just about decent at large volumes.

The pruning is adequate and quantity amounts remain uniform, however, the absence of electricity makes for noise which isn’t exceptional.  It is fine for basic seeing like the news or sitcoms, however quick, loud, and punchy scenes seemed somewhat boring throughout the TV’s speakers.


After spending a great deal of time together with all the Sony 55X9000H 4K LED TV, I am not totally convinced that there’s sufficient on offer to warrant the purchase price.

Sure, this is very easily the top LED TV I have used, but does this justify paying a greater cost than that which a fantastic 55-inch QLED TV goes for?  Spending a little more may also force you into OLED land, so the Rs. 1,29,900 cost of this Sony 55X9000H is a large disadvantage.

Nevertheless, I’ve observed this TV market for approximately Rs. 1,10,000 with reductions, which might sweeten the deal somewhat for buyers that may be iffy about the purchase price.

But Sony’s brand value and also the simple fact that this can be an exceptionally great tv, irrespective of the sort of display in use, nevertheless make this a fantastic enough buy.

Even though there are a few difficulties with movement, and audio quality is normal at best, the Sony 55X9000H greater than makes up for its shortcomings with great image quality, features, applications, and simplicity of usage.

It is pricey, and you may wish to take into account a fantastic QLED TV rather, but if you do select the 55X9000H, you won’t regret it.


  • Complex looks
  • Really good applications and attributes
  • Authentic colors, good black levels


  • Some movement Problems
  • Average audio quality
  • Expensive

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