Samsung Galaxy Z Twist Two Best Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Twist Two Best Review: my cherished Cinderella!

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!  After reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two for two or more weeks, I am overcome with the Cinderella syndrome and also wish the clock will not hit midnight.

Who’s the Samsung Galaxy Z sling two for?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two was available since September 18 out of Samsung and its own e-merchant partners in the insanely large cost of 1,799.

I’d consider this smartphone for a glass slipper (from the Cinderella circumstance ), in which I dread the day when I will need to part with it.

Within the course of the previous couple of weeks spent together with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, I’ve felt nothing but a feeling of freedom and thankfulness.

I believed I had been living in a fantasy world, where I’m the star of this chunk, to be swept off my feet, and also to realize that I didn’t need the love to finish.

I’d say this ultra-premium smartphone isn’t something which all customers need to pick up.   This makes great sense, because the Galaxy Z Twist two remains too costly and out of reach for all, taking under account the buying power of the average Joe.

It stays a technological showcase although that we observe from afar, knowing that we’ll never have the ability to pick up one for ourselves.

It’s made me repent my career options and consider the potential for turning into a YouTuber together with the expectation of buying such a product in the future.

But what gets the Galaxy Z Fold two stand out is that: it’s the virtue of being a mature and completed product, unlike the initial Galaxy Fold that lasts past year.

It is like testing a Ferrari on the street for 30 minutes once you see Monaco one summertime, as soon as your friend’s kid encouraged you to her or his parents’ hallway to perform his or her pricey PC, or when you pop open a bottle of Magnum at a nightclub without needing to be worried about just how much the tab will probably operate up in the end of the evening.

With your palms, you enter a universe where you’re usually excluded, and you appreciate each moment understanding the illusion will vanish 1 day or another.

Whether this expression has not gotten tired due to a publication that has been printed in 2014, I’d have titled this review”Thanks for this moment.”

A layout that occupies adulthood

The plan of the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist 2 exudes adulthood, if just visually compared to original Fold.

When folded, the smart phone includes a considerably bigger cover display compared to the original 6.2-inch version (when compared with 4.6 inches onto its predecessor).

After reinstalling, its 7.6-inch major display is all but bezel-less.  You immediately see the elimination of this colossal notch on the very first Fold in favour of a far more unobtrusive punch that’s located right smack at the middle near the peak of the ideal flap of this foldable screen.

This doesn’t mean it is an effortless smartphone to slide right into a jeans pocket.  At precisely the exact same time, what is the purpose of stuffing this kind of gem on your pants pocket?

This is something which you would wish to show off to everybody (and also turns out to be a particularly tempting proposal to subway pickpockets, but that really is really a story for another time).

One-handed performance is clearly unthinkable in tablet mode.  However, the bigger cover display allows more than sufficient regular usage, in spite of one hand.

I discovered it provides good readability of the exhibited components along with the keyboard isn’t too small for my large palms.

It is far too counter-intuitive for my own liking.  It’s possible to put up all that in the configurations (or simply go to your Gboard keyboard choice ).

On right-hand side of this dual-screen lie the quantity and power button.   As soon as it’s fairly responsive and precise, it could be fickle after the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two is folded.

About the left valve, even when you examine the Twist 2 unfolded in the front (which ends up on top when the smartphone is brushed ), it may interfere with the positioning of your hands on the biometric reader.  The biometric reader is situated on the ideal flap.

Your thumb will occasionally often touch the borders of both overlapping flaps simultaneously.  But this shouldn’t be regarded as a very significant flaw, and I attribute it to my morphology compared to design of this Fold 2.

Total hybrid facet of this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two is quite well user-friendly concerning design.

The Considerably stronger hinge

But let us visit the most essential part: the hinge.  The Samsung Galaxy Z Twist 2 builds on the great foundations of this Galaxy Z twist, which my colleague David had noted in his critique at the time.

Samsung has reportedly learned from its past, as well as the course picked up could be sensed at the plan of this Fold 2 that is regarded as a more mature apparatus.

The hinge includes a metallic cover and disappears entirely when the telephone is totally unfolded.   The hinge may also lock itself at any angle between 0 and 180 degrees, and it can be very important to the Flex style that I’ll discuss below.

Nothing protrudes in an ugly fashion and that which is clean.  Samsung has also reintegrated its own”sweeper” method of miniature brushes which prevent dirt from becoming stuck at the hinge.

It is possible to view, from particular angles and beneath the mild, the small traces of the place on the hinge cover.  On the flip side, no IP certificate is supplied by the manufacturer because of the layout of the device.

However, besides the noticeable crease at the middle of the display, the mechanics of the hinge is very discreet, where closing and opening it doesn’t lead to friction or squeaks.   It is extremely enjoyable, though I wish I could start the smartphone with only 1 hand.

The magnetic closure on the Twist two is too powerful for it to take place.

But overall, it is a near-flawless layout for me.  Evidently, the very excellent ergonomics when folded take a hit when the Fold two is unfolded.

Nevertheless, when it’s unfolded, though it wasn’t designed particularly for mobile usage, it might very well be utilized as a shelf – in my own opinion.  That is a big yes to your Galaxy Z Fold two in this stage!

Together with three OLED displays, you will immediately get the hang of it!

The display, or instead the displays of this Samsung Galaxy Z Twist 2 greatest illustrates the giant technological measure taken by the Korean producer ever because it rolled from the initial version of its foldable smartphone.

As I mentioned previously, the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist 2’s exterior display today crosses the great bulk of the facade.  One consequently goes from 4.6- to 6.23-inches to get an OLED panel at 816 x 2216 resolution using a pixel density of 379 dpi from the 25:9 format.

 It is the display I used the maximum when using it on public transportation or while I’m walking across the road since the smartphone will obviously be a lot easier to use with a single hand.

I’d admit I was a bit embarrassed to unfold it in people initially, because of being a fantastic tech journalist, geek, and hermit in remission, in which I believed that it was better to steer clear of curious looks.

This cover display also offers a front camera that’s placed in a punch-hole that’s centrally located in the top.

I really don’t have advanced measurement tools to encourage my view, but this gadget is sublime in its own performance, as Samsung has made us accustomed to these ailments.

However, I can only salute the elimination of this ugly and enormous notch on the very first Fold in favour of a more compact punch-hole.

With 7.6 inches of distance, it provides still another dimension into the movie content we have on the Twist 2, whereas I am not normally fond of seeing YouTube videos in my routine smartphone.

However, the arrangement isn’t the most acceptable for specific scenarios.  It’s practically impossible to place a YouTube video or a Netflix show entirely in full display, where expanding the picture is likely to create the black borders at the top and underside vanish.

For certain matches, their search engines weren’t designed to appeal to the resolution, and images, even at highest degree, take their toll.

Concretely, the screen of several games when played unfolded mode widens the picture, which logically further afield the constraints of these graphics engines of the mobile games.  It is quite annoying for me personally but I completely realize that gambling use is obviously not a priority for these products.

All these are defects which go far over the minds of nearly all prospective users of this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.  The sole black place concerning the display is that the more-than-noticeable crease at the middle.  Evidently, this crease will grow more pronounced with usage.

I have been utilizing the Fold two on a daily basis for two or more weeks at the time of writing and I haven’t noticed any harm to the crease.  But there is no denying you may feel it if touching and watch it to the display the very first time you unpack.

It is actually the sole flaw I can find about the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two’s displays.  And I really don’t see , as it stands, Samsung might have offered a touchscreen display with no crease. Promising Flex Style and OneUI 2.5 Excels in half

I analyzed the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two with OneUI 2.5 and Samsung attracted some attributes which are especially intriguing for this foldable form element.

This really is among the first experiences which you are going to need using the interface.  The Samsung Galaxy Z Twist 2 provides an always-on screen on its own cover display.

You are able to pick from other clock designs and different font colours, brightness (automatic), and alarms to exhibit.  It’s also possible to exhibit the audio player without needing to turn the display.

In summary, together with Twist 2’s bigger outer display dimensions, it is possible to really use the smartphone without messing it.

Samsung has such as executed an”App continuity” attribute that allows most programs found on the cover display to change almost effortlessly into the double major display when you unfold the Twist 2.

This attribute doesn’t operate on matches, which you need to restart to match each screen.

Multitasking Without Needing to bend backward

That is a characteristic which isn’t at all in accord with my use pattern.  However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two was created for”power users”, an extremely elite group who wish to do everything in precisely the exact same time in their smartphone.

Rest assuredthe Apps menu lets you sort compatible programs within multiple windows.  You may make many windows where it is possible to correct their various sizes to be independent of one another.  As soon as you’ve picked the ideal design, you can save it and start it in 1 go.

You’ll have up to 8 programs open concurrently: 3 in multi-window by default and five added programs in the kind of flying pop-up webpages which are subsequently grouped by folder.

To start a flying pop-up program in these folders, a little widget will be displayed on the display: simply press on it and pick the program worried.

Samsung calls this attribute the”pop-up perspective” and that I found it especially intuitive.  Obviously, there is not much point in getting 8 programs open on the monitor.

However, having the ability to deal with the size of every pop up separately, having the ability to shut them, move themetc, empowers the Fold two to get the maximum from its own tablet format once unfolded.

The Flex manner and its own chocolate abs

 And honestly, while it is suitable for swallowing video content, it is still not improved enough for the taste.

We spoke about it in the start of this endless inspection, in which the hinge of this Twist two locks in all angles between 0 and 180°.   This Flex mode may work together with the Fold from”tent” or”notebook” mode.

It is way too boring to describe, and also our 1995 CMS does not enable us to incorporate GIF to exemplify the process, therefore I redirect one to the image below.

Fundamentally, it is possible to half-open the Twist two and put it onto a flat surface such as a tent.

And that is nearly the only practical element of the Flex mode.  OK, I am exaggerating just a tiny bit.  However, the absence of compatibility with third party software makes this attribute barely a must-have.  You may use it from the photograph program.

As an instance, the cover display may be utilized as a viewfinder, maybe not to your own photographer, but also for the topic being photographed.

A surefire way to ensure that you’re always amazing, a feature I’d have liked to get for the LG Wing movie, but it’s too late for regrets.

In Flex manner, you might even put the smartphone level to flip it into a tripod, with all the controllers living on the lower portion of this foldable dual-screen, along with also the viewfinder on the top part.  This makes that the Galaxy Z Fold Two seem just like a dual-touchscreen Nintendo DS.

 A helpful feature if you’re watching live and permits you to respond more readily in the conversation without needing to take your eyes away from the streamed video.

There is also the capability to flip the Twist 2 into a miniature notebook, transferring data in word processing, messaging or email programs to the upper section and while ensuring that the bottom part is allowed to your computer keyboard.

I am not certain this is perfect concerning ergonomics.  On the other hand, the Twist 2 has turned into a somewhat modest notebook which works quite nicely on WhatsApp, Gmail, Notes, etc.

Samsung clarified that you may set the Flex style in addition to its own sensitivity, in other words, the assortment of angles based on which it’ll be triggered.  But I could not locate any of those settings to achieve that.  Incidentally, it is a shame the Flex mode does not possess its own dedicated menu at the settings.

Thus Samsung has made a herculean attempt to produce the most of the hybrid vehicle smartphone/tablet format of its own Galaxy Z Fold 2.

And, in 80 percent of cases, it is a success.  The Flex manner deserves to be refined and much more easily customizable.  However, as for the remainder of the user experience, this cushioned model of OneUI 2.5 is quite nice to use.

The Ability of This Snapdragon 865+, We All Understand the Tune

It is the very least you can do to help a smartphone which sells for over 1,799, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two includes all the Snapdragon 865+ chipsetThere is not much difference between the simple variant and the version version of Qualcomm’s most up-to-date SoC.

However, this Snapdragon 865+ amalgamated to 12GB of RAM from the Twist 2, and this also makes it the strongest Samsung flagship model in Europe, together with the Galaxy Notice 20 and Galaxy S20 offering just the powerful Exynos 990 chipset.

The Twist two is consequently ranked right at the very top of this basket of the several benchmarks to which it’s been exposed to.

I notice however that the scores listed on the Twist two are lower than those acquired from the Asus ROG Phone 3, that can be equipped with the exact same chip and marketed at half the cost.  However, are these products differently similar?  Absolutely not.

I did not have some lagging problems on some of those matches I played with in this particular review.   The most resource-hungry titles start with all the default graphics options in the highest and operate without any issues.

Just the screen glitches mentioned previously are linked to the magnitude of this display after the Galaxy Z Twist two is unfolded, which occasionally tarnishes the in-game encounter.

In terms of the remainder, the port is quite smooth and to get a Samsung, overheating is amazingly well handled – that is a noteworthy point.

Whether it is following long video streaming sessions, an intensive camera carrying session, or even the setup of an upgrade and/or several programs, the smartphone does not warm up to your signature.

Nevertheless this is really a criticism that several of the brand’s flagships have endured previously.

I am not going to live on praising a chip that lots of you know.  The Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two is fast and strong.  And that is great considering its cost.

The regrettably commonplace camera

Though the Galaxy Z Twist two may pose itself as Samsung’s technological flagship par excellence, so it’s pretty shy on the photograph side to an ultra-high-end apparatus.

Great photographs would be the standard for the Galaxy S collection at Samsung, but at #1,799 for your Twist two, you could get everything.

Apparently not.  We’re eligible for more or less the exact same picture module according to the S20 and Notice 20, except the telephoto lens is 12 MP rather than 64 MP.

By day, shots shot with the primary module are very great, where the colours constantly stand out slightly more than those taken by other producers, but it is a choice I love.

We’ve got a fairly broad dynamic selection and the degree of detail is much more than satisfactory.

The shots are extremely bright, whatever the lens used, and there’s a consistency from 1 detector to another in regard to colorimetry.

In technical terms, I discovered that the guarantee was kept nicely.

At nighttime, the most important 12 MP detector does fairly badly by itself, but the nighttime does result in an adequate damages.

From a photograph that’s drowned out by electronic sound without spikes, you receive a lot more neater representation that’s a tiny smooth, in which the smart phone up the scene quite well.

The fantastic thing is that the nighttime mode functions well on all 3 lenses of this photograph module.   Yesit smoothes the picture outside, but it does not wish to reveal exactly what the eye is not able to see – like any of its rivals.

It illuminates the shadows and cloth, only without burning the glowing locations.  It keeps the belief of a nighttime shot, and doesn’t make it seem like it’s a photograph taken in broad daylight.

Total, the picture module of this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two is very accurate.  However, at 1,799, I’m sorry to say that but I want to push home the point again: I’d have enjoyed better detectors.    It is a shame.

With 2 displays, or three in the event that you consider the foldable display is a dual AMOLED panel, an imposing arrangement, and a battery of”just” 4,500 mAh, ” I did not have high hopes for battery lifetime in regards to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

When employed dependent on a normal utilization pattern, the outcome is surprisingly adequate.   But normally, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two has always continued the whole day of usage.

I have attempted to take screenshots of thick, medium, and mild use with five, eight, and three hours of screen time .  Along with this, this data shows that the extent of my sleep cycle, it is possible to realize that the Fold two lasted between 10 and 12 hours before falling to under 20 percent of battery lifetime.

It is obviously not mad, but it is far from absurd.  Particularly once you consider the”little” battery forces three OLED screens, a Snapdragon 865+ chipset, along with a power-hungry multitasking port.

On the flip side, employing the smart phone when folded makes it survive a great deal more, so much so the exact same benchmark utilized on the folded Twist 2 lasted for close to 20 hours!

There’s not any need to be alerted afterward, but you must take into consideration the use of the tablet format as well as the usage of movie will drain a great deal of battery lifetime.

Look in the next screenshot above. And the battery ran out much earlier than on the very first screenshot that had a display time of nearly 8 hours.  The 50 minutes of YouTube seen in tablet mode proved sufficient to earn a stark gap.

The outcome is surprisingly okay, but it is certainly not a highlight of this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.  However, you’ll tell me that is true with the majority of the producer’s other flagships.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Twist two is certainly the very best foldable smartphone in the marketplace (not that there are too many alternatives to select from in the first place), taking advantage of its own hybrid form factor, but without a immediate competitor worthy of this title, it is a fairly simple name to showcase, if not too simple.

Its cost stays completely out of reach for all and disconnected from our economical truth.  And its own yawn-inducing camera module, in addition to the just decent battery life, are fairly hard to forget considering you may need to fork out #1,799 for your gadget.

But you need to step from reality for a little while, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.  We are not referring to a purchasing manual here, but instead a review based on a sense, on the feelings conveyed by a high-tech product, a thing which has a story to tell.

These few months of reviewing it had been sufficient to make me need to embrace it on a daily basis.  I truly don’t wish to offer it back to Samsung although I know that it’s an inevitable result.  Obviously, it is not a product I’d buy on the place, together with my own money because I really don’t have it.  However, what do I need it!

 The Fold two is considerably greater than a technological showcase, rather unlike its predecessor.  It is a high-tech apparatus that hauled me into a huge luxury, which makes the smartphones I have reviewed thus far look like gloomy old pumpkins.

I have seldom been so motivated by a review.  And I know nobody will read this article since he or she’s reluctant to purchase the gadget.  People who can afford it do not read NextPit or our testimonials generally.  And I know that pricey flagships are usually criticized, and I am the first one to criticize them.

However, for the first time in a very long time, the Galaxy Z Fold two has made me feel as though I have discovered the perfect match.


  • Strong hinge
  • Unfolded display is sublime and nearly bezel-less
  • The bigger cover display
  • The Ability of this Snapdragon 865+ chipset


  • The Purchase Price
  • The camera module
  • The Ordinary battery
  • Flexible manner could be improved

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