Mi TV Stick Best Review

 Mi TV Stick Best Review

Mi TV Stick Best Review: Is the ideal budget streaming device you may buy?

Many televisions available now are smart TVs, such as lots of cheap options priced at approximately Rs. 10,000 approximately.

But a few of those TVs could possibly be smart just in title, and the real usage experience is frequently insufficient, particularly when producers use custom firmware that does not support many great programs.

On the flip side, many consumers are still using old flat-panel non-smart televisions, and might not be especially inclined to substitute them but do need access to streaming solutions. ( Mi TV Stick Best Review)

Should you end up in a situation like either of those two aforementioned, streaming devices like the Mi TV Stick can help.  Priced at Rs. 2,799 at India, the Mi TV Stick is cheap and reaches a very special purpose it provides high quality, modern-day smarts for your current television.

Just what is that the Mi TV Stick around, and how can this compare to the more expensive Mi Box 4K?

Who’s the Mi TV Stick intended for?

The most elementary use case for your Mi TV Stick is in case you’ve got an outdated non-smart tv using an HDMI port.  You may want access to streaming content, and a device like the Mi TV Stick provides you that for a reasonable price.

The HDMI port is not strictly mandatory and you may even hook the Mi TV Stick up into an old CRT tv, in case you’ve got the ideal adapter for this.

Other than that, another fantastic reason to buy the Mi TV Stick is whether your smart TV does not feel overly smart .

This might be due to software updates quitting, the encounter getting lethargic, or the programs you need not being supported on the stage, as is frequently true with custom firmware on elderly smart TVs.

That is an issue faced by several TVs, like the MarQ from Flipkart 43SAFHD which I used to check the Mi TV Stick with.  This TV’s smart UI is currently slow, and it did not support key programs like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to start with.  ( Mi TV Stick Best Review)

I will nevertheless continue to utilize the display, which remains dependable, while assigning smart performance to the Mi TV Stick.

All significant streaming solutions accessible on Android TV are encouraged, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar, in addition to leading Indian streaming services like Zee5, Hungama Play, Voot, and much more.  You could also download different games, social networking services, along with other programs to utilize in your own TV.

How can the Mi TV Stick work?

It’s a quad core Cortex-A53-based CPU, 8GB of storage for both programs and program information, and 1GB of RAM.  Android TV 9 Pie may be controlled with the remote.

Android TV will give you access to lots of standalone programs, but if you are familiar with casting, then the Mi TV Stick has built in Google Chromecast too. ( Mi TV Stick Best Review)

The remote is equal to the one which you’d get together with all the Mi Box 4K and can be powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included); it is fundamental and lacks a mute button, but gives you sufficient control over the Mi TV Stick for UI navigation, quantity controllers, and triggering Google Assistant.

It is also possible to quickly start Netflix and Amazon Prime Video via the hotkeys.  There is HDMI CEC, which permits you to command your tv and Mi TV Stick using one remote, but this did not always do the job correctly, like using the Mi Box 4K.

 You could even link into your mobile hotspot, and Android TV has a data saver attribute for much more efficient utilization of cellular data.  There’s also Bluetooth 4.2, which can be used for the distant and to connect external sound devices.

While the Mi TV Stick links to a TV with its HDMI plug, you ought to power it individually.   (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

Establishing the Mi TV Stick is rather easy; you just plug it in, connect it to your own Wi-Fi by obeying the onscreen steps, and register into a Google account.  Once finished, you can download programs and games and begin streaming.

What can you do using all the Mi TV Stick?

Consider this Mi TV Stick as everything a Android TV-powered smart TV provides, minus the display and vents.

Once linked to a display, you may use the Mi TV Stick to stream video from numerous popular services, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar, amongst others.  (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

Android TV also provides you access to quite a few matches, and linking a wireless game controller can allow you to correctly play with these as well.

The utmost streaming resolution is full-HD, which means you are going to have the ability to get a massive list of content available on streaming providers in its first resolution.  (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

You can obviously observe 4K articles also, but streaming will top out in full-HD, even when you’re seeing to a 4K TV.

Obviously, it follows that the Mi TV Stick is used with a 32-inch or even 43-inch full-HD tv, and in case you’ve got a 4K HDR TV, then you may wish to think about that the Mi Box 4K rather than

Similar to about the Mi Box 4K along with other Android TV apparatus, there’s Google Assistant, using a mic on the distant for voice controls.

You may use this to get practically anything you’d use Google Assistant for, such as pulling content and data, setting clocks and alarms, controlling smart devices in your house, and much more, and this worked nicely for me personally. (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

There is only 1GB of RAM on the Mi TV Stick in comparison to 2GB about the Mi Box 4K, which did make a difference in performance for me.

The apparatus was somewhat slow when loading programs and even getting round the port was not very fast, however there were not any problems after I began streaming articles, and movie played easily.  (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

Sound and image quality are entirely determined by the TV and other equipment you use in addition to the potency of your Internet link.


Xiaomi’s move to the streaming apparatus ecosystem has arrived somewhat late, together with all the Mi Box 4K being established just earlier this season.

I adored the Mi Box 4K because of its simplicity and the value it provides, and also the Mi TV Stick is in nature exactly the exact same sort of apparatus, just intended for smaller, non-4K TVs.  (Mi TV Stick Best Review)

It works nearly as well, and will provide you dependable access to streaming solutions in around full-HD resolution, using a guarantee of firmware upgrades too.

Possibly the one thing I am not so pleased with concerning the Mi TV Stick is your cost.  In Rs. 2,799, there is only a Rs. 700 cost difference between the Mi Box 4K, that will be a better streaming device for lots of factors.

Even in the event you don’t possess a 4K TV however, buying the Mi Box 4K is basically future-proofing to get a tiny premium.  It’s also got 2GB of RAM, also plays somewhat better compared to Mi TV Stick as a outcome.

Select the Mi TV Stick just in case you’ve got a business budget of below Rs. 3,000 and do not see yourself updating to a 4K TV anytime soon.


  • Android TV 9 Pie with accessibility to all Significant programs and games
  • Simple to install and use


  • Somewhat pricey

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