Huawei MateBook D 14 Best Review 2020

Huawei MateBook D 14 Best Review 2020: Despite a really complex 2019, Huawei has held to its aspirations in the laptop market with its might.

Founded by Microsoft and its Windows 10, the Chinese maker continues to provide interesting options to the traditional computer solutions.

The initial videos and reviews on YouTube raved about the particular computer in glowing terms.  However, what exactly do we believe?

Released a year after, the Matebook D proceeds Huawei’s experience into the notebook industry.  Announced at the end of February since the midsize notebook, its cost is quite reasonably priced.

You may locate it at #650 in the united kingdom, which places it in direct competition with brands like Asus and its own Vivobook S, Acer and its own Aspire 5 or HP and its Pavilion Gambling PC.

You may purchase the MateBook D 14 in the following online stores now.

Familiar design along with also a lesser price 

Once I told my coworkers I’d obtain the Huawei MateBook D 14, they instantly made the contrast using Apple products, alerting me that the layout of Huawei laptop is quite like MacBooks.

Being a MacBook Pro user for ages (to be fair, my parents gave me an iBook 20 years ago )I believed I was likely to have much a gray aluminum laptop but at the very least a kind of layout that was very comfortable to me.

Eventually I opened the bundle and came across the gray non-metallic variant of the gadget.  I was instantly hooked onto it in this colour which I find frankly very lovely.

The surface is quite nice to the touch and you also do not feel as though you’re tackling a mid sized pc on a daily basis.  Fortunately for meI managed to check all of the attributes using a Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Aside from the title, Huawei is apparently gradually discovering its signature concerning aesthetics and design.

It was a wonderful surprise to find this mild 1.4kg laptop is nevertheless very powerful.     Regrettably, it’s a flaw that’s not uncommon to a lot of mid size computers: it will heat up quite fast.

The fan produces a sound once you place the MateBook D14 onto a surface that’s not entirely flat, including a mattress or your own knees.

 These are the words I’d use to explain this pc.      As for me, I regret the lack of an Ethernet jack, but you must bear in mind this is a laptop costing $700.

The fingerprint sensor isalso, for mepersonally, the principal advantage of this pc.  I had been fortunate enough to get a flavor of it through a meeting with one of those agents of Huawei France.

He spoke this up attribute among the primary quality-to-price benefits of the version.  After I had the pc in my hand, I immediately examined this feature and I have to admit I enjoy it very much due to its rate.  Personally, I’m more happy with the mic unlocking the notebook than I’m with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The MateBook D14 is now my leisure personal computer in the containment stage and that I locate that the fingerprint sensor to be ideal.  It works excellent with Windows Hello.

A sharp, but not glowing, screen 

 Add to this a 14-inch display which makes sense while using the PC for telecommuting where you need to open a few tabs simultaneously and use the whole directory of all office tools.

The characteristic that intrigued me is that the display can open 180° and therefore lie flat.  At the start of my evaluation, I attempted to determine in the type of situations this alternative could be handy to me.

After a few weeks, I must admit I never use it but I understand it may be intriguing to orient the display as you desire.  There is no touchscreen nonetheless.

Regardless of the undeniable quality of the display, the MateBook D14 suffers in the Very Same problems with brightness since the MateBook 13.   Should you prefer to operate on a patio in a café or on your balcony, then you are able to boost the brightness of the display, but this won’t ever address the issue.

This issue deserves to be noted here since, as the agent of Huawei France affirmed to mepersonally, the brand aims a youthful, nomadic and student crowd.

But this target market is unquestionably largely urban, but these people today go around in public areas with their computers.  It’s very important to point out that this viewer represents the majority of MacBook users in Europe.

An unflattering webcam

The bezels across the display are modest.  Huawei’s justification is that it had been necessary to make space for the huge display.  This sort of advantage could be helpful when you’re a heavy user of Skype or Hangouts Satisfy video conferencing.

However, for everything to function correctly, you want a correct webcam.  This webcam is put in the personal computer level.  It opens and shuts manually.  The outcome is a tragedy.

I understand the word is powerful although I use this computer daily (the power of COVID-19 makes that I have and will get this merchandise with me outside the time specializing in product testing within our technician newsroom) and it works really poorly.

By way of instance, once you’re performing a Skype, another person never sees your head properly.  They visit that your chin rather than your eyes.  The very low angle could be unflattering if you’re videoconferencing for video or work flirting.  Again, keep in mind that this laptop is aimed at a youthful audience.  The webcam is quite important.

Intelligent file transfer using Huawei Share

Despite its drawbacks using the North American government, Huawei can rely upon assistance from Microsoft, which supplies Windows 10 for this particular item.  This laptop perfectly incorporates all of the functionalities of the operating system.

However, the most fascinating is elsewhere.  The MateBook D14 matches perfectly with Huawei Chat –  a rival of Apple’s AirDrop of types.  Here, there’s absolutely no demand for the world wide web, let alone Bluetooth.

Just link your Huawei smartphone into the MateBook and off you go.  The operation is straightforward.  Simply put it on the Huawei Chat decal, and you are done.  The PC Manager link wizard (the central heart of your Huawei pc, including checking the drivers are up to date) will perform the remainder of the job.

 Allow me to remind you this is a mid sized notebook.  The OneHop attribute (an immediate corollary of Huawei Share) lets you transfer images or files between your smartphone and your personal computer in the blink of an eye.  I love the simplicity of the attribute.

Simply open a photograph in your smartphone.  Then just drag it on your PC.  The photograph will appear immediately on the D14’s display.  The reverse can be true: open a harmonious image or file on your own computer and drag it to your telephone to recover it.

Excellent sound all-round

Aside from Apple, that will be doing a remarkable job with the noise of its MacBooks, Windows makers appear to care little about the problem.  This isn’t the event of Huawei that offers more than adequate audio for a mid sized apparatus.  The speakers on both sides of the chassis create very good excellent sound, particularly in regards to bass.

The addition of a headset jack is warranted for using wired headsets.  I tested the noise with my mid sized Bluetooth wireless headphones and also the result was satisfactory.  Taking advantage of this time with the apparatus, I analyzed the quantity in various scenarios, such as with Bluetooth speakers, and I conclude that the noise doesn’t suffer from some noticeable distortion – even at high volumes.

7 hours of battery life

The battery life is just one of those pleasant surprises at the MateBook D14.  The battery actually lasts.

The AMD Ryzen 5 3500 U and its own 15 W TDP enable the MateBook D 14 to endure a bit more than seven hours at full energy, i.e. in full-speed company use (Microsft office, Slack, video conferencing, Google Chrome), browsing the internet, viewing videos on YouTube, viewing show on Amazon Prime Video and utilizing WhatsApp Desktop.

Closing verdict

Together with the MateBook D14, Huawei is providing a huge blow from the mid century sector.  This laptop offers very intriguing attributes for $700: layout, battery, screen quality, the interface, and notably using Huawei Share.

There’s a true business policy to be a part of the notebook market in the long run.  With tablets tablet computers, cans, 5G antennas, etc.. Huawei appears to have bounced back nicely in the early 2020s.

An individual can also say that the provider is playing all fronts and wishes to win anywhere.  The outcome is a flexible computer for both leisure and office usage.

Today, the newest has to completely revamp its own webcam.  It appears that Huawei is contradicting itself on function since the option to supply, at precisely the exact same time, a bigger display and a much more than fair webcam leaves me confused.

It is a shame since the target market uses or may use this instrument.    Whatever the situation, the business counts on assistance from Microsoft.

I will just end by mentioning the problem of this Huawei eco-system.  Beware even if advertising tends to market this notion, we can’t speak about the freedom of Huawei systems since the producer does not possess its own operating system.

The newest demands, or will nonetheless need, the employment of Windows.  Again the near future will be fascinating.

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