Google Pixel 4a Best Review

Google Pixel 4a Best Review:  The brand new mid-tier camera king?

Following the disappointing launch cost of this Pixel 3a in India this past year, and also the choice to never start the Pixel 4, there’s been little reason to become excited about the newest models launched this season.   

The cheapest member of the year’s Pixel series, the Pixel 4a is priced far more harshly now around in India, in Rs. 31,999.

This season, Google is keeping things easy.  There is only 1 version of this Pixel 4a, therefore no XL alternative.  Additionally, it is available in just 1 configuration, together with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and in just 1 color Only Black.
I’ve spent a great deal of time with it after my first impressions a couple weeks before, and now it is time to find out whether Google has done this season to get people interested .
There is something very outspoken about the Google Pixel 4a’s layout.  It is not flashy or in-your-face; actually it is the specific opposite and it appears attractive.  Google has utilized a unibody polycarbonate shell using a soft-touch matte finish.  It seems fine and does not bring in fingerprints.
The general compact measurements of the human body and the curved edges make it a really comfortable phone to take care of.
The quantity and power buttons are set on the best, and provide great visual feedback.   The Google Pixel 4a only takes one physiological SIM, but it will encourage an extra eSIM.
The rear includes a capacitive fingerprint sensor, therefore there is no in-display detector despite this telephone using an OLED panel.  This is not a huge deal, since the fingerprint sensor functions really well and may be used to pull the telling color using a gesture.
Google has happily awakened the gigantic bezel of the former generation for substantially narrower ones around the Pixel 4a.  The boundaries are still somewhat thick but they are more or not all over the screen.
You obtain a hole-punch cutout for your selfie camera.  The screen is somewhat bigger than that of those Pixel 3a INR 30,999, measuring 5.8 inches .  It is an OLED panel using a full-HD+ resolution.  It supports HDR10 playback and is created with Gorilla Glass 3 to scratch protection.
One feature that is missing in comparison to last season’s version is that the Active Edge detectors.  On previous Pixel telephones, you used to have the ability to trigger Google Assistant by squeezing the pressure-sensitive panels.
On the flip side, Google has retained the Now Playing feature, which automatically simplifies tunes being played in the background and displays the name and artist in your own lockscreen or always-on screen.
From the retail box of the Google Pixel 4a, you will come across an 18W Type-C charger, a USB Type-C into Type-C cable, also a Quick Shift jack for importing data from an old phone, a SIM instrument, and documentation.  You do not receive any headset or case.

Google Pixel 4a functionality and battery life

There is no wireless charging or IP evaluation, however you do get stereo speakers.
For applications, units on the marketplace at the right time of the India launching are operating Android 10 from this box, however a last Android 11 upgrade is available.  My review unit was running Android 11 once I started using it.  If you have used a Pixel smartphone you know exactly what to anticipate.
The interface is totally clean, with no bloatware and also only the fundamental Google programs uninstalled.  There is a Private Security app from Google that enables you to install emergency contacts.  There is a Pixel Tips program to assist first-time Pixel users become acquainted with their own smartphone.
Google has integrated several fundamental gestures, which may be located in the Preferences program.  Being a Pixel mobile, Google delivers a minimum of 3 decades of OS and safety upgrades.
The comparatively strong hardware together with Google’s slim applications makes the utilization experience fantastic.
Unlocking the telephone using the fingerprint sensor is fast, the port is snappy, and the always-on display is excellent for glancing at that unread or time alarms.  Google Assistant is fast too, be it simplifies everything you said or bringing search success.  The Pixel 4a unfortunately overlooks on a high refresh rate screen, even 90Hz, that could have made the experience better.
I found the screen to be quite great for seeing content on.   The display becomes really bright also but whites seem somewhat muddy even in full brightness.  This is particularly evident when compared side by side with some thing such as the OnePlus Nord INR  24,999, that can be in precisely the exact same price segment.
HDR content seems great, whether played through streaming programs.  The stereo speakers sound good and have self-evident, even though the bottom-firing one is somewhat louder than the earpiece.
Gambling was also pleasurable.  Everything from straightforward names like Mars: Mars, to heavier ones like Call of Duty: Mobile conducted easily.  I didn’t feel any heating problems either, aside from the side of this framework getting a bit hot.
The Google Pixel 4a includes a 3,140mAh battery, and this will be a small capability by 2020 standards.  Unsurprisingly, it did not fare too well in our HD video battery loop evaluation, running to get a bit more than twelve and a half an hour.
But, I’m pleased to report that using moderate to mild real-world use, I managed to create the Pixel 4a continue for one complete day on a single charge.  On days with a great deal of camera use and movie viewing, it will drain a little quicker, so if you are expecting a telephone that may last over a day, then you may be somewhat frustrated.
The Pixel 4a may fast-charge its own battery using the bundled 18W adapter to approximately 52 percent in 30 minutes, as well as 88 per cent in one hour.  It took approximately 15-20 minutes longer to achieve whole capacity.  As it employs the USB Power Delivery (PD) normal, you may use any Type-C PD charger to rapidly control the Pixel 4a.
The Google Pixel 3a had an impressive pair of cameras, but not only for its section, but generally.  The Pixel 4a sticks into one front and back camera, with exactly the very same settlements as their predecessors.
The front camera employs an 8-megapixel detector and contains an f/2.0 aperture.  Regrettably, there is not a physical ultra-wide-angle back camera just like you get about the 5G version of this Pixel 4a, also on most other phones at the price level today.
But, Google has not skimped on camera attributes in applications, which can be largely the same as what you would get together with all the flagship Pixel 5.   Regular Dentistry is a characteristic, which when enabled, is thought to recognise and urge shots which are concentrated on particular faces which you catch frequently, when choosing a Best shot or Motion Photo.
When shooting stills, the Google Pixel 4a enables you to tweak the shadows and exposure before taking a snapshot, and also shows you that the ramifications of every adjustment in real time in the viewfinder.  For videos, you may manually correct the exposure also, and tapping on the viewfinder once will start focus monitoring.
The camera program has almost all of the shooting modes you would anticipate.  There is no manual mode, however, you can empower RAW catch through the Preferences menu.
Landscape photographs shot throughout the day seemed stunning.  The Google Pixel 4a was able to
catch natural-looking colors and cushioned exposures.
Details were pretty good, but if magnified, I discovered a little sound, and finer textures and borders didn’t have great definition.  Close-up shots had quite great details, rich colors, and also a pleasing background blur.
Portrait shots usually seemed striking with great border detection, details, and colors.
Even without Night Sight, pictures seemed clean with minimal sound, colors were vibrant, and specifics were well defined.  Night Sight helps fix the exposure somewhat, and in dark scenes, it may create an impactful difference.
Pixel tablets have been really great for selfies, which lasts.  Selfies shot in daytime pack in very great detail, and as a result of the broad field of view, you can become a bit of the background from the framework.  Portrait mode works nicely for selfies too.
In low light, Night Sight creates a large difference to the kind of photographs you may capture.  When used together with the display flash (which can be much more of a fill-light compared to a flash), the results are better.
The Google Pixel 4a can take up to 4K movie at 30fps.  Throughout the afternoon, I discovered the high quality and stabilisation to be somewhat excellent.   In low light, movie quality is pretty decent, with great exposure and a decent quantity of warmth when you walk.
I truly wish Google had comprised an ultra-wide-angle cameraas that could have made the installation pretty much ideal.  Nevertheless, both cameras around the Pixel 4a deliver consistent and dependable results.
The Google Pixel 4a has been marketed on Flipkart in a promotional price of Rs. 29,999, and it can be a little lower than its official retail cost of Rs. 31,999.  I believe that it’s a fantastic buy at this price for anybody seeking to capture fantastic photos and video by using their smartphone.
It sports a fantastic SoC in addition to sufficient RAM and storage to offer you a nice gaming performance.  Battery life may not be as great as what the contest accomplishes, but despite its limited ability, you should expect this phone to continue almost a complete day normally.
The OnePlus Nord is a really tempting competitor into the Google Pixel 4a, and it succeeds to one-up this telephone in virtually all regions, on paper anyway.   That is a discussion for a different guide, coming up really shortly.


  • Reputable camera functionality
  • Lean applications with guaranteed upgrades
  • Light, constructed well


  • Comparatively low battery capacity

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