BEST LYPERTEK TEVI REVIEW: The music market is now being bombarded with a range of mid-range authentic wireless earphone options directly from firms in their infancy to portray names from the business.

The cost section under 10K has some interesting offerings at the wireless class using a few providing quite a lot of bang for the buck with a plethora of features offered.

But once we think of authentic wireless sound under 10K, leading audio quality is something we do not actually anticipate.

Even Sony, the business has developed among the very best authentic wireless earphones, the Sony WF-1000XM3, does not really excel at this specific price range with its mediocre-sounding Sony WF-XB700 in the sub 10K cost point.

Nonetheless, in the ocean of sound mediocrities that live within this budget, the Lypertek Tevi has been heralded as a offering that provides top notch, audiophile-grade audio quality along with an adequate set of features too.

The brand itself is not very famous, in India at least, however, the Lypertek Tevi is producing quite a little stir in the audiophile circles as it’s priced competitively and seemingly seems great also.  Let us see whether these set of mid century authentic wireless earphones live up to this hype.

Upon opening the Lypertek Tevi’s box, the very first which matches your attention is the stunning, fabric-covered charging instance that’s reminiscent of this Sennheiser Momentum Authentic Wireless two’s charging instance.

There is also a little cord dangling off the situation which lets you fasten it on your finger or perhaps a keychain, in the event that you so want.  The situation feels great in the hand and its own distinguishing cloth texture lets you locate it easily within a bag.

The case comprises four indicator lights in the front that exhibit the battery level of the situation along with also a USB Type-C port in the back.   The instance is on the bigger side and the bulkiness is really evident in pockets, notably within tight-fitted jeans.  More on this later.

Continuing on to the earbuds, they comprise a nondescript and chic appearance with a glistening silver ring on the back housings of these buds, including a little bit of flair.

Within the ring, you can observe the Lypertek emblem on the two buds and this place homes the controls for audio calls and playback.  We were not disappointed with the dearth of touch controllers because the physical controllers on these earphones are easy-to-press and accurate.

Truth is practically always a tiny hit or miss on touch controllers, thus we do not mind well-executed physical controllers on authentic wireless earphones, such as those on these earphones along with the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

The physical controls permit you to play/pause songs, skip tracks, visit the preceding track, increase/decrease quantity and wake up your device’s voice helper.  The controls are fairly accurate and simple to keep in mind, but the controls for hunting tracks (previous and next track) may be somewhat tiresome since they demand triple-taps.

Within the box, Lypertek has comprised four set of ear tips – three pairs of traditional silicone tips and a single pair of foam hints.

Passive isolation was exceptional because of the snug and safe fit.  But when the foam ones do not match you too nicely, then you would be better off attempting another hints.  The box also includes a fairly standard USB-C cable.

The foam ear tips awarded an amazing match in the ears which was comfortable even over prolonged periods of listening.

There was hardly any readjusting of this earbuds even through reasonably intensive activities like performing chores around the home or jogging.


There were no loopholes or loopholes in the sound throughout our week-long testing interval and the link remained steady even when the origin device was in another area.

Impressive!  Moreover, you do not just get SBC and AAC codec service but also Qualcomm aptX service, which is comparatively rare at this price point.

We noticed a substantial growth in detail when listening to audio on streaming solutions on aptX over AAC.  There is also mono hearing service, where you are able to listen to one earbud independent of another.

Naturally, you do not see attributes like ANC, Transparency Mode, use radio and detection charging on those mid-range earphones.

But with increasing competition in this area, manufacturers like Oppo and Realme have started offering these apparently premium features in their sub 5K offerings.

Furthermore, there’s no program support too.  You can get basic features like voice helper support, Type-C charging, along with also an IP rating.

But, the Lypertek Tevi constitutes for the absence of features in 1 location – battery lifetime.  You receive 10 hours of playtime on the buds on a single charge, whereas the instance is capable of charging the apparatus 6 days over.

This is unquestionably the greatest joint battery life we have come across from the authentic wireless section.  In our evaluations, we managed to squeeze 8.5 hours in the buds at 50-60 percent quantity and aptX codec active.

The situation was really able to control the buds 6 days over, and had a little battery to spare before it completely expired.


We have never really connected the mid sized true wireless section with top notch audio quality, until today.   We were amazed by the willingness and naturalness of their noise, something which is simply not present at the collection of different earphones we have analyzed at this budget.

The sound is near neutral and is well balanced, enabling users to listen to many genres of audio the way the founder intended them to be noticed.  Even staunch audiophiles will probably be impressed with all the complex way the Lypertek Tevi takes.

No frequency array is exaggerated to a fantastic level, consequently, bass fans might have to switch away from these set of earphones.  There is undoubtedly punch to the bass and oodles of detail, but the bass response that lots of other mid century true wireless earphones provide is clearly absent.

While we had been enthralled by the true representation of these frequencies, it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Contemporary monitors for example TKN from Rosalia have considerable drive and drive, while still maintaining the integrity and clarity of their vocals.  The corrosion of drums in paths like Popular Monster by Falling in Reverse is natural and precise also.

Listening to more delicate paths like Youth by Daughter, there launching guitar chord is open and distinct.  There is an indisputable depth to the soundstage with all the vocals put in the front while the abundance of tools easily occupy their precise areas in the point.

The delicate vocals never shed their exquisite feel and tonality, in silent moments in addition to the occasional towering minutes.  The earphones are effective at bringing out even subdued elements of paths that frequently overpowered by other components when discovered on other mid century earphones.

Subscribing to high performance documents opens up the soundstage even farther, if it is possible.  Device separation is very good as well with tools, even in busy paths like Edge of Forever by Crimson Glory, being readily discernible.

At higher volume levels, you might hear a little bit of unwanted hiss, however there is nothing else we can find fault with if it concerns the Lypertek Tevi’s sound quality.

Coming into the mike, the operation was fairly great for the most part.  The mic controls the speaker’s voice with clarity, nevertheless, background sounds are not stored out entirely through forecasts, which is not uncommon on authentic wireless earphones, particularly budget and midsize ones.


The Lypertek Tevi really are among the very musical set of authentic wireless earphones we have had the joy of listening to, particularly at the sub 10K cost range.

The sound is spacious, balanced and natural, with oodles of character and detail.  Not simply the stellar noise, but you also receive a huge battery life of 70 hours, aptX support, strong physical controllers, plus a simple yet elegant layout.

These might very well be the very best value for money buy in the authentic wireless section due to the absolute quality of the noise and is now our best pick for authentic wireless earphones under 10K.


The Lypertek Tevi really are among the very musical set of authentic wireless earphones we have had the joy of listening to, particularly at the sub 10K cost range.

The sound is spacious, balanced and natural, with oodles of character and detail.

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