Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Best Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Review: Is the supreme Android smartphone?

The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is presumed to be the best of the very best that Samsung offers in a smartphone minus a bendable display.

It is the most expensive traditional cellphone in Samsung’s lineup, also contains the top notch 108-megapixel camera of this Galaxy S20 Ultra from earlier this season in addition to the S-Pen stylus and its related functionality.

Obviously, being an Note string apparatus, in addition, it should get an great screen and all of the latest hardware.

This really is a luxury phone for people who desire the absolute best, however, the Note show’ usual focus on productivity hasn’t been forgotten.

Samsung has combined its very best hardware and software attributes, plus top-end layout and materials to create the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.  Is this the ideal way for the Galaxy Note collection, or is it too much in 1 bundle?  Keep reading to learn.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra layout

Galaxy Note collection mobiles typically push the bounds of dimensions, and have often been derided for how big they are.  The Note 20 Ultra includes a 6.9-inch display, but mercifully the curved sides and narrow boundaries all around mean the telephone itself is not ridiculously huge.

It is still over a few — but not entirely bizarre by today’s standards.  You may have difficulty fitting it in certain pockets and you don’t wish to use it one-handed all of the time.

The 208g weight can also be on the top side but not a lot to deal with.  Samsung says it’s done its very best to create the Galaxy Note 20 INR 77,999 Ultra slim, and the majority of the human anatomy is simply 8.1mm thick.

On the other hand, the camera bulge is absolutely enormous, and sticks out yet another 2mm roughly.  This not only makes the telephone top-heavy, but means that you can not readily use it if it is lying flat on its back.

An instance will go a long way in lessening the gap between the phone’s back along with also the module, and astonishingly Samsung has not contained a simple plastic in the box.

 A narrow screen protector includes pre-applied.  The framework is metal and the top and underside are horizontal, which is uncommon for Samsung.

The corners dug in my palms somewhat when holding this telephone, and also the top dug in my ear somewhat when making calls.   A white variant exists in certain states and may make it after a time.

The back has a frosted matte finish and isn’t slick, which is a massive relief.  This produces the glistening frame stand out, and also the appearance overall does catch attention.

Samsung has also made a decision to emphasize the rings round each rear camera, even though thankfully those do not stand out even farther from the module just like on other mobiles.  Additionally, it is fantastic to find an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

The volume and power buttons are on the left, and there is no Bixby button .  The SIM tray is around the very best and I noticed it isn’t centred.  The S-Pen silo was transferred to the left of the floor, which will frighten some long-time Galaxy Note users.

A mild press pops out it partly, then you have to pull it out all of the way with your palms.  The S-Pen could be inserted facing down or up, and thankfully it will not go in and hurt the telephone in the event that you inadvertently attempt to place it .

Samsung Galaxy Note20 cost and specifications

Samsung has established the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at India in Rs. 1,04,999, also there are no versions.  There are numerous offers throughout the pre-booking interval, but these rates are still far above average.

Longtime Samsung fans understand they business typically uses its Exynos chips for flagship mobiles sold in certain areas of the Earth, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors for different niches.

India generally gets the Exynos versions, and these are broadly regarded as a step down concerning functionality, and a few third party evaluations have suggested that this is really correct.  The business insists it does what is ideal for every sector but it’s difficult not to feel somewhat disappointed.

The Exynos 990 utilized here is the exact same chip that forces the Galaxy S20 collection.   It features an incorporated Mali G77MP11 GPU.

It is a hybrid dual-SIM mobile, however you may use an eSIM rather than a 2nd bodily SIM, which frees the 2nd physical slot for a microSD card.  Be aware that you can not use three mobile connections in precisely the exact same moment.

This is believed to boost battery efficiency.  You can not lock the display to 120Hz, however, and you can not run it in this refresh speed and the entire resolution in precisely the exact same moment.

Samsung has marginally improved the S-Pen for this creation.  It’s its very own miniature Lithium Titanate battery also uses Bluetooth for remote management purposes.   The stylus itself can be IP68 certified.

Other notable specifications consist of dual-band Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 with all an Scalable codec, NFC and MST for obligations, all of the customary location sensors and services, an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint detector, and stereo speakers.

There is also Ultra Wideband (UWB) performance for exact placement, which will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.  You obtain a headset by AKG using a braided cable, but the box is in fact rather bare  there is no circumstance, and no excess S-Pen hints or tweezer instrument to help them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra applications and use 

Samsung has announced it is going to deliver software updates such as security patches for 3 decades, though that does not necessarily guarantee that the next three big variants of Android.  However, that is amazing by Android criteria.

A number of the preloaded programs, for example Galaxy Store and My Galaxy delivered a couple of alarms from time to time, so did the Google program.

On the flip side, you can acquire new variants of smaller programs like the calendar and camera without needing for a complete OS upgrade.

There are two key software characteristics that place the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and its smaller sibling aside — the Samsung Notes program which works together with the S-Pen, along with the DeX background experience.  The S-Pen has additionally been souped up with”air gestures” which you play while holding down its button.

These can in theory enable you to work fast without needing to change between the pencil along with your finger to browse through programs along with the Android UI, but in my experience gesture discovery did not work consistently.

The Notes program is really feature-rich, together with the capacity to indicate up PDFs and images including screenshots, along with timestamp notes to a sound recording.

Handwriting recognition is really great, and also the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was able to make sense of some fairly primitive scribbles.   Samsung has just announced a reduction on Microsoft 365 subscriptions for Galaxy Note 20 show owners.

 Ejecting it pops up a menu on screen with shortcuts to several tools.  It’s possible to start the notes program, create a choice of text to interpret, annotate a photo or screenshot and ship them messages, and make AR filters which follow your head around.

If the telephone is locked, you’re still able to scribble a note immediately and it’ll be saved.  1 thing that I found annoying was that the imitation, scratchy pen-on-paper noise that plays when employing the S-Pen, but this may be disabled.

DeX demands a Microsoft accounts and leverages your Telephone program that comes with Windows 10.  Some attributes, such as having the ability to run Android programs in your Windows desktopcomputer, will be released later this season.

Another new feature is wireless mirroring into some harmonious smart TV (Samsung states its 2019 and later versions are encouraged ).  You may mirror your cellphone’s display or use the TV as a secondary screen to conduct content on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra functionality and battery life

Though some people may not feel they’re getting their money’s worth, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra remains extremely fast.  You won’t detect the smallest delay in normal use.

The S-Pen is very responsive and utilizing it felt natural.  The display is bright and crisp, with unusually vibrant colors.  Curved sides consistently lead to a few reflections and a change in color tone, but that is not too distracting.

The stereo speakers aren’t balanced however sound overall is quite loud and gratifying enough for songs in addition to games and videos.

I occasionally needed to tap on the ultrasonic fingerprint detector several days until it had been pleased with how I put my thumb or forefinger.

Face recognition was fairly fast, but sometimes did not operate in low light.  Apps loaded quite quickly and there wasn’t any difficulty whatsoever with multitasking.

As for benchmarks, AnTuTu reported that a score of 536,385 that is marginally lower than that which the less expensive OnePlus 8 series operated, and rather far from your Asus ROG Phone 3 that relies on exactly the exact same Snapdragon 865+ SoC as global variations of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Androbench revealed sequential read and compose dozens of 1720.7MBps and 789.48MBps for its internal storage, which can be both very good.  Geekbench 5 set up 623 and 2,778 points in its own single-core and multi-core evaluations.

Pictures tests were conducted in the full-HD+ resolution together with the elastic refresh speed allowed.

PUBG Mobile ran very nicely, and gameplay has been absolutely smooth.  Asphalt 9: Legends also did not give me some trouble.  The enormous display makes controls simple and enjoying more fun.

Additionally, the back and the framework of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra did get very hot, but not enough to become uneasy.

Battery life is remarkable in real-world usage, and I managed to acquire at least a day and a half with regular utilization of this S-Pen and cameras, and a modest light gambling.

But, our HD video loop evaluation did surprisingly badly, together with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra operating for just 12 hours, 45 minutes.  The display refresh rate made no difference over multiple functions.

Charging is fairly fast, and I managed to have from zero to 75 per cent in 1 hour.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cameras

Today we return to the cameras, and there is a great deal of ground to cover.  The 108-megapixel main rear camera is obviously the star of this series.

You’re able to shoot photos in the complete resolution, but for a reason that choice is bundled together with the characteristic ratio selector, not the resolution menu .

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra takes incredibly crisp and detailed photographs in the day, even of items at a distance.

Focusing is fast and knots are metred well.  On a cloudy day, colors surfaced well and detail has been generally outstanding.  In some rare situations, the focus was off a bit.

Close-ups have fine all-natural thickness and there is no need to get a macro camera since you are motivated to change to 2x magnification that provides substantially the exact same effect.

The wide-angle camera is also quite powerful but there’s a considerable fish-eye effect in the sides.

From the daytime, it is possible to pick up to 4x zoom that employs the key detector, as there’s enough detail to harvest and magnify.   It is possible to go around 50x in increments with a collection of buttons which will seem to the side of the camera, or slip your finger down to the camera selector to zoom easily.

If you are in a darkened environment the principal sensor is still used and you will zoom around 20x digitally.

Detail clearly is not good at the most magnification and it is hard to frame shots because every tiny motion is amplified.

Performance drops at nighttime as anticipated, but that I was completely staggered by the quality of outcomes that are possible with the Night Mode on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Even inside, at the center of the night, this telephone managed to pick up really shocking levels of detail, frequently bringing out colors and highlighting objects the naked eye merely couldn’t perceive.

Some shots appeared as detailed and bright as though they were shot on a budget telephone at the daytime.

You need to wait approximately seven minutes to get a Night Mode shot, however it is well worthwhile.  The telephoto camera does not do this well through the night, however the wide-angle one amazingly does, and Night Mode can be obtained for all three.

It is possible to record video at around 8K, though that may be impractical.  Footage is stabilised nicely at 1080p however there was a tiny jitter in 4K.

There is also a Super Steady toggle which employs the wide-angle camera and also plants the framework to correct for shakes.

It is possible to switch between the 3 cameras when shooting 1080p and manually zoom around 20x.  Slow Motion and Super Slow-Mo manners are enjoyable to play and you may select which part of a listed clip to slow down from the editor after listing.

At nighttime, video shot with the major camera is really apparent but the wide-angle one is not as great, and zooming digitally is not very powerful.

Footage is nice if you are standing still and panning about, however there’s some judder and warmth if you document whilst moving.

Oddly, front camera takes excellent shots at the daytime and at nighttime.  You are able to employ a wide-angle impact which basically simply prevents multiplying, and apply several outcomes.

There are a couple UI quirks and information to Note about the camera program.  The majority of the modes are concealed at a spillover menu by default but you may add whichever ones you wish into this list of default styles which are quickly accessible.

Live Focus style provides you with a selection of wallpaper styles such as radial blur and discerning color, and also the intensity is flexible.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a phenomenal companion apparatus, in several senses over a smartphone.  Its camera capacities are really incredible and the S-Pen can earn a good deal of normal tasks go smoothly as soon as you get accustomed to it.

In case you’ve got enough money and do not mind the massive size of the telephone, you’ll almost certainly be very satisfied with it.  But, not many individuals really need all this functionality and also the cost restricts it to quite few prospective buyers.

The normal Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 series might be better bets for a lot of men and women.

If you would like a top-end Galaxy Note for its S-Pen performance and do not especially care about the cameras, the considerably less costly (but still quite premium) Galaxy Note 20 are a fantastic selection.

Back in India, Samsung has established just the 5G version of the bigger Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as well as the non-5G variant of the Note 20.

There are a couple other unexpected differences between the two, like the use of polycarbonate rather than glass, a horizontal 60Hz full-HD+ board rather than a curved 120Hz QHD+ 1, slower S-Pen reaction period, without a microSD slot or UWB, to get your smaller sibling.


  • Great general functionality
  • Outstanding principal and optical zoom cameras
  • Great speakers and screen
  • Impressive building quality


  • Very Costly

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Key

  • Display: 6.90-inch
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 990
  • Front Camera: 10-megapixel
  • Rear Camera: 108-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery Capacity: 4500mAh
  • OS: Android 10
  • Resolution: 1440×3200 pixels

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