Realme 7 Full Review

Realme 7 Review : Minor updates over Realme 6

Realme has established its own brand new 7 series, which includes the Realme 7 along with the 7 Pro.  For the current review, we will only be taking a look at the Realme 7, that will gradually replace the existing Realme 6 smartphone.

The latter introduced in segment-first features like a hole-punch screen along with a 90Hz refresh speed as it started back in March this year, and until now, remains the sole alternative around Rs. 15,000 that supplies a high-refresh-rate display.

The Realme 7 includes some pretty big shoes to match, and it is time to understand how much has really improved within the Realme 6.

In my standpoint, the Realme 7 brings in three chief updates a new SoC, a larger battery, along with a brand new main camera detector.  Let us see whether these updates are sufficient to make it worth recommending.

Realme 7 layout and screen: Somewhat new

No fresh Realme smartphone is complete without a new design for the trunk.  The Realme 7 includes a mirror-split layout, which generates some fascinating patterns when light strikes it.

The colour option I have is named Mist Blue, however there is also white.  The back camera module currently includes a slightly different layout, when compared with this Realme 6.

All in all, the Realme 7 appears new and fresh from the trunk, which the organization desperately wanted because the remaining part of the phone has not changed considerably.

The positioning of the buttons, fingerprint detectors, SIM trays, and all of the vents at the base on both phones is fairly much exactly the same.

The Realme 7 is really thicker (9.4mm) and thicker (196.5gram ) compared to 6, as a result of its bigger battery, and it is extremely noticeable in daily use.

One-handed photography or texting may acquire fatiguing really quickly because of the extra weight.

It uses plastic to your framework and rear panel.  The SIM menu has three slots for 2 Nano-SIMs along with a microSD card.  The screen seems to have been lifted directly from the Realme 6.

I noticed some small off-axis vignetting at the corners when exhibiting milder backgrounds, but that is not worth fussing over.

But I am not overly happy about the growth in weight, which makes it more awkward to work with on a daily basis.

Realme 7 functionality and applications: Speedy enough

This is an upgraded version of this Helio G90T, that has been seen from the Realme 6, but it is not a significant update.  The sole change is the incorporated Mali-G76 GPU currently includes a higher clock rate of 900Mhz, compared to 800MHz from the G90T.

The remaining part of the SoC’s specifications appear indistinguishable.   In theory, we ought to see slightly greater numbers in gaming benchmarks, but total, functionality should not be that different from the Realme 6.

The bottom version of this Realme 7 includes 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage to get Rs. 14,999, and there is another version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to get Rs. 16,999.

Performance is fairly decent.   Face recognition along with the side-mounted fingerprint detector will also be fast.  Navigating through the port felt snappy about the 8GB RAM version I had.

Programs were normally quick to load, which 90Hz refresh speed made scrolling through menus texture smooth.  There is also a fantastic choice of live backgrounds and a good deal of utilities like Smart Sidebar, an integrated display recorder, and lots of shortcuts and gestures.

Battle Prime looked great in the greatest graphics settings and gameplay has been smooth.   The Game Space program helps organise all of your games in 1 spot and allows you easily access items like display recording and WhatsApp messages while enjoying.

 In CPU benchmarks like Geekbench, the Realme 6 amazingly posted higher scores in contrast to the 7, even after several attempts.  On the other hand, the Realme 7 did article marginally higher amounts in a number of the other benchmarks like AnTuTu and GFXBench.

The Realme 7 did not get too hot when worried.  I noticed a little heating around the back camera module but that was it.  Realme says it’s used a carbon fiber cooling system at the 7, which appeared to perform its job nicely.

Watching movies was a rather enjoyable adventure on the Realme 7.  You do not receive any frills such as HDR service but it will manage the fundamentals well.  The speaker at the bottom becomes loud but I discovered its own quality to be rather average.

Realme 7 battery lifetime: Heavy duty

The Realme 7 has a high speed, 5,000mAh battery, which can be a huge upgrade over the 4,300mAh ability of this Realme 6.

In spite of moderate to heavy use, I readily obtained a day and half runtime on a single charge.  For some perspective, the Realme 7 conducted to get a bit over 24 hours at our HD video battery loop evaluation, which is superb.

Happily, you can charge the battery rather quickly also.   In the event you don’t possess Realme’s charger useful, you might even utilize 15W USB-C Power Delivery quickly charging.

The next major change in the Realme 7, when compared with the 6, is your key rear camera.  It is still 64 megapixels, but Realme has changed to the Sony IMX682 detector, rather than this Samsung GW1 detector.

Realme also says it is with a new”ultra high definition” algorithm to the 64-megapixel manner, which guarantees better detail and clarity in comparison to the detector on the Realme 6.

Let us see that for ourselves.  Listed below are just two 64-megapixel photographs taken together with the Realme 6 and 7.

If we zoom all of the way to a particular part of the buildings, then we see that the Realme 6 recorded a cleaner picture with less grain, but textures are greatly smoothened.

The Realme 7 keeps much better textures, but at the price of getting some grain from the photograph.

But when shooting at the default picture style, there is a marked improvement in pixel-binned images recorded from the Realme 7.

It displays enhanced dynamic selection and vulnerability, with greater details when compared with this Realme 6.  Low light photographs look cleaner also, with less grain.

Shots captured using Night mode seem more pleasing, in comparison to what the Realme 6 could create.  All in all, the new detector is a little better than the older one, and that is never a bad thing.

Details and colors were frequently quite nice and the autofocus worked nicely.  On the other hand, the remaining cameras are extremely like what we have seen about the Realme 6, with regard to specs in addition to the kinds of photographs you may anticipate.

The wide-angle camera captures a larger outlook but details and colors tend to be poorer when compared with the most important sensor.

This is more notable as soon as you start cropping the picture.  Portrait shots usually looked great, and you have the choice to correct the background blur prior to shooting.

The 2-megapixel macro camera isn’t great, as well as photographs taken in broad daylight seem very poor.

I discovered that the 16-megapixel selfie camera to be rigorously okay.  Selfies taken throughout the afternoon seemed decent, but HDR might have been treated better.  Portrait mode is helpful as it succeeds to properly crop out the background.

At the day or nighttime, you can acquire usable selfies supplied you can find bright enough light resources round.  Night mode can be obtained, but selfies seemed over-sharpened within my own experience.

Videos taken using all the ultra-wide angle camera are stabilised but specifics are bad and the resolution is restricted to 1080p.

Ultra Steady style delivers the very best stabilisation but the framework is heavily shot and footage seems somewhat tender.

Videos taken in low light seem grainy and details are somewhat feeble.  I would say do not even bother recording the ultra front-facing camera and stick to the most important one in reduced light.

The camera program on the Realme 7 includes the Starry style, which we saw about the Realme X3 SuperZoom.

Verdict: If you Purchase the Realme 7?

The Realme 7 is not a major upgrade within the Realme 6, however it is a fantastic enough refresh using its bigger battery and much better primary camera detector.

Overall performance is quite great, battery life is exceptional, as well as the 90Hz screen makes overall use feel fluid and smooth.

I believe Realme 6 owners don’t need to worry about updating, since there are little to gain using all the Realme 7.

The base version of the Realme 7 is nevertheless a good choice during its cost for people who need a high refresh speed display and have a small budget.


  • Good functionality
  • Superb battery life
  • 90Hz screen
  • Decent Principal camera


  • Thick and heavy
  • Video quality may be better

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