Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review

Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review: JBL’s array of sound products is remarkably varied, spanning everything from cheap mobile speakers like the JBL Go two to exceptionally high-end audiophile-grade loudspeakers like the JBL Project.  (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

Everest collection, which may cost around Rs. 1 crore.  Between both of these extremes drops whatever you can imagine in the discipline of private sound, including the organization’s most up-to-date headset range made especially for gaming.

 Nowadays, we’re reviewing the JBL Quantum 600, that sits approximately in the center of the scope and can be priced at Rs. 12,999.

This over-ear gaming headset provides both wireless and wired connectivity, and can be tuned for in-game sound and voice conversation.  Learn how these new gambling cans operate in our inspection.

Lighting impacts on the JBL Quantum 600

Gaming cans are often as much about design and oomph as regarding functionality, as well as the JBL Quantum 600 does not disappoint.

The over-ear cans are big and almost completely plastic, but seem contemporary and edgy like no standard cans at the sub-Rs.  15,000 price section.  Thick fabric strings connect the 2 channels, along with the headset is elastic and flexible for a comfortable fit.

The outer faces of the ear cups also have big JBL symbols, which can be illuminated with RGB LEDs.

The lights are on by default once the cans are switched , and the colors and patterns may be customised with the JBL QuantumEngine program (available only for Windows here), which also enables you to fix equaliser settings.

Although it’s possible to utilize the JBL Quantum 600 with this application, establishing the Quantum Surround attribute or DTS tuning on the cans requires it.  (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

Without it, you are going to need to trust the default tuning of this headset, and you will not have access to some of the further tuning and adjustable equaliser settings. (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

The default light impact cycles through different colors and patterns, plus it looked very striking to us.

You will find additional indicator lights in the base of each ear cup which reveal that the headset’s power status and battery level, and a mike placing light onto the flip-up boom.

Once raised, the mic is switched off, and then pulling it down into position turns it on.  This was a fast and convenient means to use the mike, and I really enjoyed it.  The mike stalk is elastic, and may be corrected to correctly catch your voice.

The ideal side has the power button, whereas the left side gets the USB Type-C interface and 3.5millimeter jack, a mouse button to mute the mike, and two dials for volume balancing and control the sound mix. (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

The sound mix balancer is an intriguing option, because this enables you to adjust the tuning based on if you want the cans to concentrate on game sound or audio communication, or pick your personal balance between both.

If you are using the cans using a pc, you could even alter this via the sound settings. (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

When’wireless connectivity’ is said on a set of headphones, it is usually supposed to be Bluetooth.  But, Bluetooth has its own flaws for gambling, primarily in regards to latency.  (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

The normal delay in audio transmission may mean the difference between in-game death and life, therefore Bluetooth is generally avoided in favour of wired connections on gambling headphones.

The JBL Quantum 600 has a detachable 3.5millimeter cable for conventional wired connectivity, but the usage of proprietary 2.4GHz wireless connectivity provides a few usefulness for gambling when avoiding the latency problems of Bluetooth technology.

Obviously, one huge weakness of a wireless sound solution is it requires a dongle or recipient, which must be physically on the origin device.

Within my MacBook Air, I was also able to place the sound output to either Chat or Game manner, which optimised the audio for each particular function.  (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

The dongle comes with an indicator light which remains static once the headset is attached, and a link button to connect to the cans if necessary.  (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

But, I did not ever need to use the buttonas the cans automatically joined to the dongle with no trouble each time.

The JBL Quantum 600 includes a frequency response assortment of 20-20,000Hz, and can be powered by 50mm drivers that are dynamic.

The USB Type-C interface on the headset is just for charging, and doesn’t support direct USB connectivity using a source apparatus.

I managed to use the headset for about 10 hours on a single charge with combined usage along with also the RGB lighting on, such as audio, gaming, viewing movies, and conference calls around the pc.

This is not a particularly great figure, but because these are primarily intended for home use and could be plugged in and used without electricity, it is acceptable.

Great overall noise on the JBL Quantum 600

Most cans which we review are judged mostly on their skills together with songs, but I obviously needed to change things a little for the JBL Quantum 600.    (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

 The default tuning of the audio is its sole weakness, even though this may be adjusted with the equaliser settings.  Nevertheless, the superb detail and broad, luxurious soundstage did create occasional music listening pleasurable about the JBL Quantum 600.

This obviously also made for a fantastic adventure when playing games, especially when the sound balance is set to concentrate on game noises.

Playing Spyder on Apple Arcade around the MacBook Air was rather enjoyable from the sound perspective, since the JBL Quantum 600 was able to maintain the audio cohesive and lively, while still allowing for considerable detail and subdued sound effects to be heard clearly.

What was most striking, and that which makes this headset ideal to gaming, is its capacity to mimic management despite being restricted to 2 stereo channels. (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

With Spyder, in addition to with other games on your own pc which can leverage a feeling of directional audio for successful gameplay like Modern Combat 5 to the iPad, this concentrated tuning helped capture the audio right for gambling.  

The detail is very useful here, since it allows the JBL Quantum 600 properly replicate lots of the subdued background noises in games, in addition to put the attention on core gameplay elements like language, footsteps, and weapon noises.

Playing with the favorite PUBG Mobile in an Android smartphone using all the headphones plugged in, the only real complaint I had was that the noise was somewhat soft at the maximum volume.

In a quiet area, this was not a issue, and that I could listen to both match sound and voice conversation obviously enough.  The directional tuning was on stage, as was detail along with the spaciousness of the noise which gave me a good feel of this game.

Whether wireless or wired, the JBL Quantum 600 seems impressive.

Wireless connectivity ensures secure and mostly latency-free noise transmission over the JBL Quantum 600; there was no perceptible delay at the noise, and it was the exact same caliber of transmission as with the cans using the 3.5millimeter headphone cable.

 The spaciousness of the sound took a number of the regular border and shrillness from conference calls at the greatest volumes.

The mic is very well suited to voice capture too, and the other performance made it easy to rapidly activate and deactivate the mic as needed.

This makes the JBL Quantum 600 ideal suited to voice chats in a variety of conditions, and also the capacity to place the balance between game and chat sound helps to ensure you could optimise the audio to your requirements.


While many cans are tuned for audio, gaming requires quite particular pruning, style, characteristics, and connectivity choices to work.

Together with the Quantum 600, JBL is becoming a lot of the right.  The audio is nicely suited for gambling, but completely adequate for any range of functions such as listening to audio, voice chat, and much more. (Best JBL Quantum 600 Gambling Headphones Review)

Wireless connectivity that’s secure and free of any noticeable latency or audio quality problems is a major bonus also, which makes this headset nicely suited to players who wish to go cord-free.

Battery life is the only place in which the JBL Quantum 600 falls somewhat short.

In Rs. 12,999, the JBL Quantum 600 is well priced for what is available, and its great design and RGB light are all gamer-specific additions I really enjoyed.

Even when you’re only an occasional or cellular gamer, then the JBL Quantum 600 is a flexible headset which operates across multiple device platforms for a variety of functions, and is well worth considering for regular use with a pc.


  • Cozy, Great looks
  • Secure, latency-free wireless connectivity
  • Really good mic
  • Customisable RGB lighting and audio 3


  • Wireless connectivity does not work on all platforms
  • Quantum Engine program works only on Windows
  • Volume is Somewhat soft when utilizing 3.5Millimeter connectivity

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