Best 2020 Realme Narzo 20 Review

Realme Narzo 20: You are not alone

When Realme started its Narzo series before this season, the business said it had been fulfilling customer demand for cheap telephones with powerful processors, even though that meant compromises in other regions like camera quality.

The Narzo series was intended for another audience, instead of a particular price section, and so a few level of overlap with different versions was anticipated.   Now, we’ve got the brand new Narzo 20, 20A, and 20 Guru — but will the exact same story perform?

The brand new Narzo 20 is very like the Realme C12 and Realme C15 concerning layout and features, and we are trying hard to find the segmentation in regards to specifications.

It is priced starting Rs. 500 lower than the Realme C15 and supplies a superior chip but at the price of some possible compromises in regards to the cameras.

What is happening here, and can be Realme making things overly confusing for buyers?  Who should purchase one of these versions, and who must purchase the others?  I will try to answer these questions in my overview of this Realme Narzo 20.

The principal thing which places the Realme Narzo 20 besides the C1x versions is its stronger MediaTek Helio G85 chip.

We did notice a few fairly slow performance in the Realme C12 and C15, which utilize the modest Helio G35, so that needs to be a required improvement.   For many of us, double the storage will probably likely be entirely worth the small price increase.

Another major distinction is in the camera section.  The Narzo 20 includes a 48-megapixel main camera alongside an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera along with a 2-megapixel camera.

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It is surprising that another low-res device was not stuffed into make the”quad camera” badge which works so well for promotion, but this is not a sensible loss so far as I am concerned.  The abilities which you do get have quite broad appeal.

You can have a look at Gadgets 360’s inspection for a Complete rundown of those cameras around the Realme C12 and C15.  Both have 13-megapixel principal cameras.

Just the Realme C15 comes with an ultra-wide one, however, lacks a macro camera that the lower-cost C12 has.  In addition they both have 2-megapixel monochrome detectors but just the C15 includes a monochrome filter choice in its own camera program.

As you may see, the choices do not just scale with price in a reasonable manner.  You are going to need to choose whether the novelty Vintage and”retro” filters of this C15 interest you having both nimble and ultra-wide cameras.

The 6000mAh battery is obviously a huge selling point, and you also get 18W quick charging.  The Narzo 20 includes a more contemporary and handy USB Type-C interface while its cousins equally require Micro-USB wires and chargers.

All 3 versions have equal dimensions and are rather shining at 9.8mm thick, although the Narzo 20 is formally one entire gram lighter than others at 208g.

All 3 phones have exactly the identical screen specifications but there is no telling whether Realme utilizes precisely the very same panels.

Realme Narzo 20 usability and design: Chunky yet operational

Realme is currently well-known for recycling layouts across versions so that it ought to be not surprising that the Narzo 20 appears and feels almost precisely the same as its C-series cousins.  It comes in the exact same two colors, blue and silver.

My Narzo 20 inspection unit would be your Victory Blue choice, that has a very mild light design.  There is chevron-like pattern which creates deep elbow shapes down the middle of the trunk, and all these are somewhat ridged providing the plastic panel some feel.

It is possible to observe light play throughout the trunk as you lean this telephone on your own hands.

The squarish camera module includes three lenses and a flash, and there is a fingerprint detector centred on the trunk also, which may be just a bit too high in case you’ve got small hands.

Considering this is a comparatively thick, luminous mobile, it’s not too difficult to continue to but you may feel its weight in case you are utilized to having long discussions.

On the front, you’ve got the typical tall display with curved corners, with comparatively thick edges all around particularly the chin.

Realme says it’s utilized Gorilla Glass, but not which variant.  My unit had a glue screen protector pre-applied however there wasn’t any plastic case from the retail box.  The volume and power buttons are within reach on the best.

This phone does not necessarily feel quite premium but also the build quality is strong.  It is not too difficult to use it together with one hand as a result of the comfortable form and reunite.

Even the Realme UI skin is very discreet and not overly different from inventory Android whilst still offering loads of helpful touches like a split-screen style, sport optimiser, program cloning, children’ style, personal storage, smart sidebar, along with gestures.

Super Nighttime Standby is a beta feature and asserts to enhance battery life by lowering backgound sensor and network action, though at the price of possibly delayed notifications.

Super Power Saving Mode is a diminished performance condition in which you are able to choose just six programs which are going to be permitted to do the job.

Additionally, there are redundant browser, songs, and movie programs and a Theme Store that are the only ones who can not be removed.  The Theme Store and Browser functioned some bothersome alarms, but the remainder were well behaved.

Happily, the Realme Narzo 20 was much easier to use in daily situations compared to Realme C1x show versions, no doubt as a result of the bulge in processor power.

Responsiveness was not always instantaneous however, the UI was fluid and that I did not sense any stuttering.  I managed to flip between programs quite readily.

The display was not always smart enough to see clearly under direct sun and that I did notice that automated modification sometimes did not kick in when required.

The display resolution is somewhat low and colors are not the most vibrant, but everything looked crisp content and enough was pleasurable.   WideVine DRM certificate is L3 just, so HD video streaming is not possible.

Gambling is presumed to be the principal strength of MediaTek’s Helio G-series chips so we attempted a few names that were popular.

Asphalt 9: Legends was easy for the most part however, the match did freeze when performing moves and crashing.  Dead Trigger 2 conducted with no problem whatsoever.  The top back of this Narzo 20 did get somewhat warm when playing games that are heavy.

 The GFXBench images test handled 32fps in its own Manhattan 3.1 scene in addition to 18fps in its own Auto Chase scene, each of which are great results for cheap phones.

I managed to utilize the Narzo 20 for almost two times before it had to be plugged , then comprised streaming a full-length picture, shooting a lot of photographs and movies streaming various media, and playing some games.   Charging can be relatively fast, taking into consideration the capacity there’s to fill.

Unlike using the Realme C1x versions, there aren’t any special-purpose cameras to pad the prerequisites for any advertising buzzwords.   The absence of a thickness sensor is surprising however; this is typically a fairly low-cost feature to throw in.

The principal 48-megapixel camera serves its own function, providing decent photo quality.  Colours are good most of the time, but detail is somewhat rough and exposures are not always forgiving.

By way of instance, detail from the skies was dropped in frames using buildings in the foreground.  Detail is not good when looking at photographs magnified for their real size.

In the complete 48-megapixel resolution, you can become very detailed shots but do not expect fantastic results from multiplying segments of enormous photos.

Natural depth of field is however rather good, and also the Narzo 20 is fast to lock attention.  There’s a portrait style that finds edges fast , but you can not correct the impact before or after taking a shot.

As anticipated, the ultra-wide camera allows you play with makeup, however, quality is a lot poorer and there is intense distortion in photographs.

At nighttime, the Narzo 20 really does fine.  Shots looked washed-out and comparison was poor, aside from the obvious issues of sound and very low detail.

There’s a Night mode, which really creates a substantial difference.  Bright areas do not find overblown and greys recover their color, but it does not imply that shots are obviously better all of the time you really do lose detail and could wind up with blotchier effects occasionally.

The wide-angle camera is made of restricted use outside in the dark.  Night style does operate here and makes photographs brighter, but do not expect decent detail.

The low-resolution macro camera may entertain you but shots are somewhat poor concerning detail, sharpness, and color reproduction.  This is unlikely to be helpful for capturing precious memories.

The 8-megapixel front camera will do a good enough job in summer time but is not very effective during the night.  Beautification is on by default, and that I am not a lover.

There is also a portrait style which found my head correctly, but made the background seem quite artificial.   It is possible to use the front-facing camera too but you can not switch between both while recording movie.

Realme Narzo 20 Keys 

  • Display: 6.50-inch
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G85
  • Front Camera: 8-megapixel
  • Rear Camera: 48-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 2-megapixel
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
  • OS: Android 10
  • Resolution: 720×1600 pixels

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