Asus ROG Phone 3 Review


 Asus ROG Phone 3 Review: Striking a balance between gambling electricity and flagship features

Would you should invest Rs. 50,000 on a device such as the brand new Asus ROG Phone 3 only to play games?  No, certainly not.

The majority of the phones that we have analyzed this season, priced at about below Rs. 15,000,

Have now been in a position to play modern games easily enough, and the entire reason that matches like PUBG Mobile are becoming so well known in India in the first place is they can operate on devices which are cheap enough for many people.  (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

The actual question is if you would like to just play games, or push them to their own limitations and get excellent at them.

Should you end up in the latter class, keep reading.  The Asus ROG Phone 3 was created primarily around gambling, even if this comes at the expense of traditional characteristics and features like slimness and flexibility.  (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

This is actually the next generation in Asus’ ROG Phone lineup, and it practically reaches the best of both worlds  it is still supposed for hardcore players, but it will not cause you to feel like you have sacrificed everything else a flagship phone is likely to provide.

Hardly any phones nowadays are intended for this particular function normally they all follow the exact same template with greater features and more energy as you move up the price ladder.  (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

In the instance of the ROG Telephone 3 and other similar versions, each attribute is preferred with the purpose of producing this device easier to play games on, and what else is secondary.

Here is our entire review of the Asus ROG Phone 3, so you can decide whether you require such a device, and if it is going to fit in your life.

Why is the Asus ROG Phone 3 distinct?

To start with, this can be a big, bulky telephone.  Slimness is usually appreciated for a high-end apparatus, however, the ROG Telephone 3 wants to make space for the 6000mAh battery along with a strong cooling system which allows the chip run at full rate for lengthy periods.

The hardware is obviously all brand-new and top notch.  This is the very first phone we are reviewing with Qualcomm’s new refreshed Snapdragon 865+ SoC, and the display has an unparalleled 144Hz maximum refresh rate in addition to no notch or gap.  (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

Front-firing stereo speakers ought to make gambling more immersive, and Asus also claims that the numerous antennas are positioned keeping landscape usage in your mind.

You’ll see an excess port on the remaining telephone, which can be covered with a removable plastic insert.  This is a mixture USB Type-C Port using an extra attachment connector into the side.  (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

It allows you to control the phone or plug into a headset whilst holding it to play games , also it functions with a high number of attachments, which we will get to in a minute.

On the best, however not as apparent, are just two”AirTriggers”, or vertical buttons which you may map to several purposes in various games.

With this creation, you can’t just tap and blot but additionally slide, swipeand divide each individual into two zones.  This offers you forefinger controls very similar to some gamepad’s trigger switches.

There is also an assignable shake gesture along with a squeeze which activates Asus’s own X Mode for greater functionality.

Last but not least, this would not be a gambling phone with no own aesthetic. (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

There is the obligatory RGB light on the trunk, in the kind of an illuminated Asus ROG emblem.  The plan is slightly toned down in comparison to both preceding ROG Phone versions, and we do not have as many sharp angles and lines.

At the right, you are going to notice a transparent window showing what seems like a heatsink using a little bit of aluminum beamed through.  There is also a little air compressor to a side that comes to play if you purchase the optional clip-on AeroActive fan cooler.

Asus ROG Phone 3 cost in India, versions, and accessories

There’ll be versions with various specifications in different nations, including a version with the elderly Snapdragon 865 SoC rather than the 865+.

The top-end setup with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage has not been established in India, probably because it might be far too pricey.

These rates are greater than those of their prior creation, and Asus does not incorporate the AeroActive cooler at the box .

Global currency exchange rates and high taxation could be blamed for the gap, along with other flagship-level mobiles will also be subject the exact same market forces.

The AeroActive 3 cooler, that currently includes an integrated kickstand, will price Rs. 2,999 at India.  An attachment named ROG Clip will allow you to join the ROG Telephone 3 into your present PlayStation, Xbox, or even Stadia controller.

So what exactly can you buy for the money?     

There is integrated Adreno 650 images and committed logic for AI, image processing, video communication, and safety.  This processor is paired using Qualcomm’s different X55 5G modem. (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

The upcoming major issue is that the display.

This really is an HDR10+ accredited display that’s supposedly capable of replicating more than 1 billion colors, using a 1000nit summit brightness and 113% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and Delta-E typical of 1 percentage for a measure of color precision.  There is an in-display fingerprint detector.

The refresh speed can go up to 144Hz, together with guide increments in 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz and a car mode (and apparently a key, unsupported 160Hz style ).

Asus also highlights its 270Hz signature sampling speed and 25ms signature latency that are thought to be advantages for response time in matches.

 There is no microSD slot for growth, however.    All of the typical detectors are also offered. (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

The only on the other side, though, can operate at USB 3.1 Gen2 rate (10Gbps) and supports QC 4.0 also as USB-PD 3.0 compliant walkers, along with allowing DisplayPort 1.4 video output signal at around 4K.   The dearth of wireless charging is a small disappointment.

Asus states that audio has been a large focus on this particular phone, and you receive double stereo front-firing speakers with dual amplifiers and Dirac HD improvement and custom profiles for particular ROG headsets.

High-res 192kHz playback has been encouraged over USB.  There is no 3.5millimeter jack but a dongle is mounted, and this may be utilized with both of the telephone’s two Type-C interfaces.  Additionally, there are four mics for sound reduction. (Asus ROG Phone 3 Review)

The ROG Telephone 3 includes quite a few applications customisations, and most of these are primarily built around gambling, but the utility carries over into other situations.

For starters, we’ve got Android 10 using the July 2020 patch plus a heavily customised motif.  Everything is dim by default, such as the menus and inventory programs, but you can change to a snowy system color scheme.

I didn’t care for the star design and discovered that the rings around every icon quite unnecessary.  Customisation options comprise an always-on display, gesture navigation and shortcuts, program cloning, and an integrated screen recorder.

There is a setting named OptiFlex that asserts to quicken program launches and conserve standby power, basically by ensuring certain programs are always resident in RAM.

Another tweak named HyperFusion asserts to aggregate your mobile and Wi-Fi links for superior rate and reduced latency according to thresholds you set.

You will see a massive icon on your homescreen to get Asus’s Armory Crate program, which is the point where the key gaming-centric tweaks and settings are available.

There is a Game Genie overlay which it is possible to pull during games to handle alarm correction, a brightness lock, the refresh rate, along with a mobile data toggle.

You might even activate screen recording, sport streaming, a and onscreen crosshair, in addition to configure the AirTriggers and also capture macro activities.

 X Mode is basically a hardware profile which allows the SoC reevaluate its customary heating and power constraints.  You can customise this, but the most intense settings require that you get and utilize the AeroActive cooler attachment.

X Mode could be triggered from inside Armory Crate, by squeezing the telephone’s sides (it’s possible to set the sensitivity of the gesture) or simply by tapping on an icon in the notification color.

The default gray background animates and shows a luminous red engine in its heart, and also the star rings also light up in red.  X Mode additionally activates Game Genie, and naturally, the RGB light on the back of the telephone.

 Very quickly charging is proven to hamper overall battery wellbeing, so Asus allows you to disable this manually and install an overnight program so that you don’t overcharge.

You may also specify a cap at 80 or even 90 percent of their entire capability  as well as 6000mAh, it is not foolish to”underclock” your battery a few or all the time.

In addition to that, you’ve got several energy saving modes including two custom slots so that you can pick just what you would like to disable and if.  These are features we would really like to see all telephones, not only gambling ones.

Prior to getting into particular games, let us discuss the AirTriggers.  All these are touch-sensitive ultrasonic detectors, and also the non-marketing term for these is Software Defined Surfaces (SDS).

Each one may even be divided into two individual buttons according to your finger place.

Basically, you are able to map the AirTriggers’ various purposes to onscreen controls on your matches.  This could allow you to maintain your hands completely off the display, in games like Asphalt 9: Running.

In shooters such as PUBG Mobile, you can take, reload, and change weapons along with your forefingers while your horn remain on the digital joysticks.

I discovered the AirTriggers installation UI was a little difficult to work out mapping all of the activities could take a while, rather than all them are helpful in most matches.

Additionally, it took some time to become accustomed with the AirTriggers, as you are going to need to modify your grip and remember what the way you have set up each activity.

Sensitivity can be adjusted from inside the Armory Crate program.

The ROG Telephone 3 is a not the easiest phone to keep a grip thank for its own weight.  The flat camera module onto the back does get in the way just a bit.

We played games with X Mode empowered and revealed that the back in addition to the metallic framework did get quite hot.  It was slightly uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of gambling.

That said, performance is exceptional and gambling is really enjoyable.  PUBG Mobile defaulted into the HD images setting and higher framerate, but that I increased them to HDR and Extreme respectively.

I saw no decrease in performance or responsiveness, although the telephone did get markedly warmer over the duration of a game.

Everything conducted buttery smooth, and I discovered the battery dipped 8 per cent following a round that lasted about 20 minutes.

 Races were perfectly fluid and using just two controllers to recall, the AirTriggers functioned very well.  It was simple to play with track after track with no concerns.

 Obviously we used the greatest possible graphics quality settings in each match, and X Mode has been enabled.  All of these ran perfectly easily, but as already said, the back and framework can become quite toasty.

Apart from gambling, how would the ROG Telephone 3 fit in your life?  I really don’t believe this phone will have a lot of appeal for anybody who isn’t mainly interested in gambling or audio and video functionality.

That’s mainly due to its majority you will truly feel the burden in your torso, and sometimes even voice discussions may get fatiguing after a time.

 The back is quite glossy and a little slippery.   Asus packs an extremely easy plastic case with big cutouts for airflow, which does not do much concerning security, but does assist with traction.

On the downside, there is no IP evaluation for dust and water resistance.

I can tell the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz from the Android UI and many programs when altering the setting manually.

In Auto mode, the ROG Telephone 3 unquestionably was not at 144Hz but appeared someplace between, but it nevertheless made use feel exceptionally snappy.

Asus has released a listing of over 250 Android games which it states work at around 144Hz, which will be good to understand.

Obviously I was excited to take a look at the operation of this Snapdragon 865+ at regular benchmarks.

I need to notice that the ROG Telephone 3 was excited to discover benchmarks (and matches) and mechanically trigger X Mode, but it did exhibit an extremely clear notification and let me override that with a single tap.

With functionality improvement off, the score fell just marginally, to 623,632.

The ROG Telephone 3 took complete advantage of this high-speed screen to provide a whopping 140fps in GFXBench’s T-rex scene, 69fps at Manhattan 3.1, also 43fps in Auto Chase.

The comparatively thick edges above and below the display mean that there is space for front camera along with a telling LED along with the speakers.

Obviously, HD videos appeared magnificent.  The display is crisp and sharp, with excellent viewing angles.  The speakers were somewhat unsatisfactory, despite Asus’s hype noise was normally tinny and lacking in the very low end, although it did get really loudly.

Battery life is great, but I had been expecting far more in the 6000mAh batterylife.    Charging is pretty fast, considering just how much capacity there is always to fill up.

Past ROG Phone versions did not place much emphasis on the cameras, however, Asus needs the ROG Telephone 3 for a well-rounded flagship-class device. On the front, there is a 24-megapixel f/2.0 camera to get selfies.

The camera program seems to have a lot happening.  It is somewhat difficult to change between modes because they are all laid out in 1 carousel free of spillover menu, which means you may need a few swipes to obtain what you’re searching for.

A few of the modes have their own settings panels, for instance, if you are shooting at a time lapse movie, you may set the recording rate and clip length, and also in regular video mode it is possible to toggle end noise reduction and mic attention.

The main camera takes 16-megapixel shots , with four pixels as you can Enhance lighting recorded.  Pictures taken from the daytime came out really sharp and comprehensive.  Even items at a sensible space were sharp, with minute particulars appearing great at 100% magnification.

On the flip side, the ROG Telephone 3 occasionally did not get the exposure very right when shooting close-ups, especially with bright subjects against darker backgrounds.  Textures on items within the focus region came out looking fantastic.

The color tone was nice, and also this camera may really be helpful for set shots of neighboring areas, or even for expansive landscapes.

I had some difficulty locking focus together with all the macro camera, however, the shots which did function wound up looking fantastic, together with the wallpapers appearing inherently fuzzy, not pixelated.   Beautification isn’t permitted by default.

As for nighttime shots, I discovered that without shifting to Night mode, the ROG Telephone 3 setup shots with longer flaws  there is an indicator on the display telling you just how long you are going to need to stand still until you shoot a shot.

If the telephone is on a stand or tripod, you are going to find a more exposure than if it is stored in your hand.

The ROG Telephone 3 behaved like it had been in Night manner without me really switching for the, forcing a longer exposure.  Pictures taken in regular and Nighttime style were equal.  I afterwards discovered that this is the program’s default behavior (making the distinct Night mode basically meaningless), but it could be disabled.

The principal camera once more did a great job.  Scenes shot at night were generally glowing and particulars were sharp even with nominal light falling on topics.  Noise was well under control and sometimes, even compact text was readable, even when assessing shots at full magnification.

The wide-angle camera did not do too but nevertheless generated usable shots.

Video recording goes around 8K 30fps or even 4K HDR 60fps.  You are able to record slow-mo 120fps movie in 4K, or up to 480fps in 720p.   1080p video looked really smooth and crisp at the daytime.

Quality was adequate when shooting night, but there was acute warmth when going.  The front-facing camera captures considerably duller and grainier footage however, you can change between both while shooting 1080p.

4K movie had a very warm tone and what seemed very unpleasant, though movement was smooth.  The shimmer result when walking during the night has been magnified, though standing and panning did not create difficulties.


The ROG Telephone 3 is obviously not for everybody. Every one these phones provide topnotch construction quality, screens, battery life, battery life, and cameras.  They will run games well enough to please 99 percentage of individuals.

But there is that 1 percent that needs more.  The ROG Phone 3, using its Snapdragon 865+ SoC, 144Hz display, AirTriggers, and attachment ecosystem, is for this particular market.

These are the men and women who wish to be the very best at games in aggressive settings, who wish to flaunt, and identify using a”gamer” aesthetic and way of life.

The fantastic thing is that the ROG Telephone 3 is also a rather superior all-rounder  minus a couple of touches like an IP evaluation and wireless charging.

Asus is convinced that this is an increasing audience, which mobile gambling is a large enough piece of the general gaming marketplace.  In the conclusion of the day, it will come down to functionality in addition to personality.


  • Outstanding functionality in matches
  • Great cameras
  • Bright, lively display


  • Becomes warm when stressed
  • No IP wireless or rating charging

Asus ROG Phone 3 Key Specs

  • Display:  6.59-inch
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+
  • Front Camera: 24-megapixel
  • Rear Camera: 64-megapixel + 13-megapixel + 5-megapixel
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery Capacity
  • 6000mAh
  • OS: Android 10
  • Resolution: 1080×2340 pixels

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