Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review

Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: You are able to use the Asus ROG Cetra together with all sorts of devices, as a result of USB Type-C connectivity.

In spite of the low-latency modes provided by popular wireless earphones, nothing surpasses the precision and time of great old-fashioned wires when gambling.

This is particularly significant with smartphone gambling; popular names like PUBG Mobile permit you to utilize sound cues as far as visuals to keep ahead of the contest.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Although smartphones like the Asus ROG Phone 3 are concentrated on the mobile gaming experience, not many gaming-focused cans for smartphones are available.

Additionally, together with the 3.5millimeter headphone jack hardly featuring on top tablets , players are discovering themselves running from excellent sound choices.

 It includes active sound cancellation and USB Type-C connectivity therefore that it can draw power directly from the attached source apparatus.

It works with numerous devices such as smartphones, PCs and notebooks, as well as the Nintendo Switch.  If you are serious about gaming, then you may be contemplating this headset .  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

While many wired earphones are only a means to obtain the sound signal out of the smartphone into your own ears, the Asus ROG Cetra does a little more in between.

There is active sound cancellation with the headset, in addition to illuminating lights on the outer casings of the earphones that light up if the Asus ROG Cetra is plugged .  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Both these functions draw electricity from the connected apparatus; the Asus ROG Cetra does not possess an integrated battery.

The earphones are rather big, and there are loads of further ear hints and ear hooks contained in the sales package to guarantee a fantastic fit.   There is also a little carry case and shirt-clip from the box.


The Asus ROG Cetra comes with an abysmal remote with controls to the active sound cancellation, playback, volume, and telephone handling, and another mic a little higher up the cable.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

The earphones, remote, and mic unit are plastic, but seem decent and truly feel well-built.

In case you’ve got a Windows PC, then you can set up the Armoury II applications which permits you to customise various settings and functions on the earphones, including equalisation, audio optimization, assorted volume levels, and much more.

Though the USB Type-C plug in for connectivity will imply that the ROG Cetra is intended to be used with mobiles, the headset works with other devices also, such as PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and cellular devices.

Though Asus says that Android apparatus compatibility is restricted and has recorded just a little number of smartphones where features are guaranteed to operate, the ROG Cetra functioned fine with complete performance on my OnePlus 7T Guru McLaren Edition, that was not among the.

The earphones attribute 10.8mm lively drivers, a frequency response assortment of 20-40,000Hz, along with an impedance evaluation of 16Ohms.  The earphones have been Hi-Res Audio accredited, and did not need any extra installment when combined with a compatible Android smartphone.

Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling : Audio Gearing for Gambling 

As was expected, the Asus ROG Cetra has its own audio tuned for gambling.  While the headset obviously sounded best while gambling, it was adequate for calls and music too.

The USB Type-C link and ease of use using smartphones supposed there wasn’t any latency to fret about, and also the headset may be plugged in and used immediately when needed without needing to be concerned about battery life or adapters.

I utilized the earphones using an Asus ROG Phone 3 (Inspection ) for a lot of my critique, aside from occasional usage using a OnePlus 7T Guru McLaren Edition.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

The sound was loud, detailed, and eloquent; I managed to find a precise sense of leadership from self indulgent, gunfire, and aircraft flying overhead.  The ROG Cetra is fast to respond to moves, and does a tremendous job of mimicking direction despite having just two sound channels.

Games like Asphalt Xtreme and Hitman: Sniper that rely upon the background score to establish the mood tended to raise the amount of the audio and a few in-game audio effects, but the core components of the audio weren’t lost.

Everything from the auto motor to gunfire and radio chatter were apparent, and seemed substantially crisper compared to most conventional wired earphones I have used.

Nevertheless, there was not too much directional pruning using those active soundtracks as I’d have liked; the ROG Cetra does rely upon a comparatively silent in-game surroundings (as can be seen in many shooter games) to correctly simulate management.

Active sound cancellation on the Asus ROG Cetra was not quite as striking as I’ve discovered on superior authentic wireless earphones like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and Apple AirPods Pro, or even on cheaper wireless headphones like the Sony WH-CH710N.

What’s more, there’s lots of wire noise to compete with if you are using the ROG Cetra whilst going around.

But it was practical and removed the distractions which normally get in the way of a gambling session.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Although wrestling background scores did seem adequate about the Asus ROG Cetra, playing audio emphasized the earphones are not tuned for it.

Dolby Atmos sound did seem impressive with a different sense of management, and high-resolution sound tracks looked comprehensive, but highs were somewhat shrill and the subdued low-end took off from the pleasure of several monitors.

The ROG Cetra is good for occasional audio listening and adequate for calls too, but is best used for gambling. (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling : Verdict

If you are serious about gambling, especially multiplayer gaming, you will agree that a wired link is the perfect way to listen to audio effects which may provide you a competitive edge.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Together with the 3.5millimeter jack rapidly evaporating out of smart phones, the next best choice is USB Type-C connectivity.

The Asus ROG Cetra offers precisely this, sounds fantastic for matches, does a nice job of mimicking direction, and contains active sound cancellation that’s practical enough to make listening a bit simpler.

But at Rs. 7,699, it is definitely somewhat pricey, and does not seem very good with songs.  This is a market set of earphones that has its heart purpose right and is quite simple to use, however there is not much else to discuss.  (Best Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones: Review)

Instead, if you really do have a source device with a headphone jack, then the ROG Cetra Core is a far cheaper choice to consider for gambling.


  • Sounds great, simple to use
  • Sound nicely tuned for gambling
  • Functional Sound cancellation
  • Works with a Lot of apparatus


  • Does not sound really good with songs
  • Expensive to get a wired headset

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