Best Vivo TWS Neo Authentic Wireless Earphones 2020 Review

Vivo TWS Neo Authentic Wireless Earphones Review: Though Apple and Samsung were one of the very first huge smartphone manufacturers to enter the wireless audio section, a ton more producers have since followed to this profitable and fast section.

The most recent to join this collection is among India’s greatest smartphone manufacturers – Vivo.

The Organization’s first set of earphones in India is your Vivo TWS Neo.

The Vivo TWS Neo includes support for the newest aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec and USB Type-C charging, but will it match up to a few of the remarkable choices we have reviewed lately in the mid century true wireless section?

Like most of the cheap options from the authentic wireless section now, the Vivo TWS Neo appears to be heavily inspired by the Apple AirPods as it comes to layout.

The earphones are light, and I hardly believed them when in use that is one of the most comfortable pairs of authentic wireless earphones I have used.

The earphones are also IP54-rated for water and dust resistance, making them convenient for basic outside and fitness use.

Though the Vivo TWS Neo does seem a good deal like the Apple AirPods (even more so in the event that you’ve got the glistening white color variation ), there are a number of essential differences that set them apart.  The TWS Neo has different touch detector zones running the stalks of this earpieces for gesture controllers.

By default, swiping up and down either side adjusts the quantity, a double-tap on the left performs along with pauses audio, and a double-tap onto the ideal skips to another track.

Additionally, there are detectors at the tops of the two earpieces that are utilized for sporting detection, which worked well.

These controllers can be customised via the Vivo Earphones program.  The program also allows you to deactivate the sporting detection feature, upgrade the earphones’ firmware, and watch the battery amounts of both earpieces (although not the charging instance ).

The program is quite fundamental, but it will come in handy for the few functions it provides.

The charging instance of this Vivo TWS Neo is pebble-shapedcompact, compact, and very wonderful to check at and maintain.  The USB Type-C interface for charging is in the base, and a matching button and indicator light are on front.

The earphones snap in the case magnetically, as well as the charging touch points being in the base of each stem makes certain that the earphones electricity off and on faithfully when removed and put back in the instance.

The Vivo TWS Neo includes 14.2mm lively drivers, with steady Bluetooth 5.2 and multi-point connectivity for as many as two devices.   There’s also a lively low-latency manner, which claims to decrease latency into 88ms.

This does not have to be specifically activated; the earphones are believed to correct latency based on several different factors such as what you are using them gaming, music, films, or calls — and outside things.

A significant attribute on the Vivo TWS Neo is service for its aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec.

This is definitely the most advanced codec from the aptX household, also has the power to accommodate its bitrate always to favour either audio quality or link equilibrium.

 They did not even fall to lower affirmed aptX versions, with all the AAC codec instead.

The Adaptive codec is thought to work together with the Vivo X50 collection of smartphones, indicating it will probably only use smartphones that run on devices powered by Qualcomm’s latest chips, for today at least.

This is somewhat disappointing, and you are going to need to think about your smartphone if you are likely to purchase the Vivo TWS Neo.

The Vivo TWS Neo has regular battery lifetime to get a real wireless headset at its budget, together with all the earpieces running for just a little under four hours using combined usage, chiefly about the aptX Adaptive and AAC Bluetooth codecs.

The charging instance offered nearly four complete added top-ups into the earphones, for a entire battery life of about 18-19 hours a charge cycle.

That is considerably lower compared to the battery life given by the Lyerptek Tevi and Deadly Outlier Air, which can be similarly priced.

Mid-range authentic wireless earphones have the benefit of better codec support, specifications and features compared to budget alternatives, although not forcing the consumer to shell out too much.

Though the Vivo TWS Neo does assess every one these boxes, audio quality is strangely disappointing on the wholeworld.

I discovered the sound boomy and muddy, although the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec did improve things somewhat, the earphones were far from the grade I have heard utilizing the Lypertek Tevi and Deadly Outlier Air.

All that said, it’s possible to extract decent noise from the Vivo TWS Neo, but it requires the input signal to be utterly optimal.

Listening to high-definition sound tracks together with all the aptX Adaptive codec in drama was the only means to bring the ideal quantity of detail from the audio and take a few of the roughness from this bass-heavy sonic touch.

9,000 Miles by Pendulum seemed decent initially, and there was lots of detail on offer.  However, because the powerful drum-and-bass beat kicked in, the noise felt somewhat overly rumbly, along with the bass frequently illuminates the faint details in the mid century and highs.

The gentle pace of this track and quantified lows retained the over-enthusiastic bass under control, and revealed what the Vivo TWS Neo is really capable of.

Regrettably, that is where my compliments for your Vivo TWS Neo finishes.  Listening to typically compressed streaming audio and rapid tracks highlighted the flaws of the headset; such as Baba O’Riley by The Who on Spotify frequently sounded overly boomy and demanding.

Even though the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec did help bring out some detail and require a few of their aggression from the lows, the total experience was a bit too cluttered for my own liking.

In case you are not using a resource device that supports the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec  that appears to be smartphones and tablets for today things are somewhat worse.

Listening to Chopta by Malfnktion to a OnePlus 7T Guru with the AAC codec, a few of the detail which could be observed together with all the aptX Adaptive codec was not there anymore, along with the boomy aggression at the bass of the digital monitor tended to take away attention from the remainder of the frequency array.

It looked a bit too raw and pressured because of my liking, inducing in the detail the Deadly Outlier Air and Lypertek Tevi managed to send even if employing the AAC codec.

The soundstage was dull and narrow, and the dearth of passive sound isolation simply created the listening experience worse with this kind of sonic touch.

Although audio quality with songs left me frustrated, the Vivo TWS Neo does provide decent performance on voice calls.   The environmental sound cancellation did appear to function nicely and boost my voice to the listener.

The low-latency mode additionally worked well; it brought down the delay in audio whilst playing games into a viable level without much drop in audio quality, however there was a lot of noticeable lag.


For a smartphone manufacturer, Vivo was proven to do its bit to enhance sound output signal from its telephones, which explains the reason why I expected more from the Vivo TWS Neo earphones.

But, I had been left somewhat disappointed with those earphones for several of factors.

The boomy and demanding nature of the audio is not easy to look beyond, and also the usage of this aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec, while admirable, does not bring out the very best in those earphones unless combined with pick source apparatus.

When you’ve got a smartphone which does encourage your codec, a fantastic assortment of high time music, and enjoy your audio bass-heavy, you may like what the Vivo TWS Neo has to offer you.

Fantastic performance on forecasts and workable latency amounts do assist also.   For Rs. 1,000 longer, the Lypertek Tevi and Creative Outlier Air are much better choices to think about, and may make more sense to put money into.

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